Nekopara TV Episode 2 Fanservice Review

Chocola hides a child. More cute catgirl shenanigans.

This episode is full of cutsey fluff and bereft of lewd fanservice. I happen to like cutesy fluff if the characters are endearing, certainly true of Nekopara, but I can also understand those expecting more perversion being disappointed with the output this week.

Opening Sequence:

Whenever the creditless versions of the OP are uploaded I’ll add them in a following review. Perhaps after the first BD volume is released.

In the last episode, Chocola was followed home by a vagrant kittygirl

Chocola is reminded of when she and Vanilla were homeless strays. She takes it upon herself to secretly take care of the lost child.

Chocola successfully distracts a suspicious Vanilla with food. Vanilla in response does some erotic motions with her fingers.

Master wants to use the restroom. Chocola stops him with the understanding that the lost child is in there hiding. She offers an alternative in relieving himself on the ground. Vanilla responds with a zinger.

The ever so dense Chocola interprets this as the kid wanting breast milk. If not for Vanilla barging in on them, she may have obliged in the fantasy.

Vanilla is immediately charmed by the kid neko. She suggests that they come clean to their loving Master who will certainly not refuse a plea for help.

Great comedic timing. The kid still stays with the household, but only temporarily until they find a responsible home.

The kid neko is adverse to water by instinct. But Shigure doesn’t give a damn and douses her anyways.

Nekopara TV is reportedly non nude. But if they were to change their minds and make alterations for the BD release, this scene would be an area to do so.

Chocola and Vanilla resolve to find a home for the baby neko and say goodnight in a les-yay sort of way.

something tells me their hands don’t stay clasped for very long.

this lewd end illustration unintentionally shows a contrast between the VN and TV adaptation. The former emphasizes the human sex appeal of the character designs, while the TV version places emphasis on their cutsey catlike mannerisms at the expense of focus on T&A. Probably the last thing you’ll notice from the illustration are the tails overlapping compared to Coconuts tits being squished against the bed or Azuki’s shapely ass. The equivalent to this in the anime would be play-fighting like stray cats bereft of any titty jiggling, bare ass shots or lingerie. Cute, but not sexy. How you enjoy the service of TV Nekopara will probably depend on your passion/fetish for catgirls, and appreciation for the characters from the VN removed from the sex scenes.

It now seems clear TV Nekopara will take an anime original route separate from the VN arcs. This makes it easier to stomach the lack of explicit service, as it’s not doing an injustice to scenes that were already done better in the source material. TV Nekopara will probably not be a good ecchi so long as there is a restriction on intimacy and/or explicit service, but it can be a great cute girls show that focuses on the development of character relationships and emphasizes the moe of the designs.

speaking of moe, the little neko is essentially a stick of cotton candy. I figured this show would lewd her immediately, and they may still do so down the line as she ages rapidly (Chocola/Vanilla are 9 months), but it’s easier on the conscious for them to keep her as an innocent little child who is taken in by a loving family. there should be more exposition on her character next week. hopefully there’s also more service, there is a middleground that can be reached short of nudity that’ll make this adaptation better.

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