Choujin Koukousei TV Fanservice Review: Episode 2 & 3

MCs with exaggerated talents are really having it easy in the isekai world (^_^)/

Hey everyone!! Welcome back to another episode of fanservice review for the Choyoyu anime!! This time, we made 2 episodes in one post so that we can see more fanservice in it. (^_^)

Episode 2:

Aside form the opening, the episode begins with some chicks……

Seriously, they were some chicks indeed…. XD

At the begining of this episode, Masato and Elch run into trouble in earning money and getting supplies for the Elm Village because of the Neutscheland Company has a virtual monopoly on the flow of commerce throughout Dormundt. Thanks to the skills of Shinobu (as a ninja journalist) capable of digging up scandalous information on the Mayor of Dormundt, it allows Masato to acquire a permit to trade under the name “Elm Trading Company.”

After taking in a homeless girl named Roo, Masato and Elch visit some local merchants and offer to help them sell their wares in Dormundt as a host for them to sell their stuff because of the permit they’ve acquired. They undercut Neutscheland by charging less and only taking 10% of the profits from each sale, as long as the merchants stock and man the stores themselves. Masato’s shop quickly becomes popular, selling everything from rugs to Tsukasa’s homemade mayonnaise, and sends money and supplies to Elm Village.

After the the Sea Serpent maritime merchant company begins trading with Masato, Neutscheland decided to take the threat seriously, setting up a rival store to undercut Elm’s prices and drive them out of business. However, Masato shows Elch that he has a plan to destroy Neutscheland for good.

Episode 3: 

Neutscheland attempts to destroy Elm Trading Company failed as the merchants they fired to save money ends up boycotting Neutscheland and signed a contract with Masato to supply Elm Trading Company instead. The head of  the Neutscheland Company admits defeat and makes a deal with Masato over sharing trading rights in Findolf. Masato did not destroy the Neutscheland Company as he sees more drawbacks of it rather than not to.

Meanwhile, Tsukasa and the other prodigies built an onsen for the Elm villagers. Finally there’s some fanservice in it but too bad that there’s no nips seen like in the manga. (T_T) Anyway, we’ll take whatever it has to offer….

However, their onsen bath-time was cut short when Akatsuki barge in and informs them that a giant monster that looked like a bear attack the villagers including Winona’s father, Tsukasa heads out to leads the others to help while Aoi defeats the giant monster and Keine heals Ulga’s (Winona’s father) wounds.

That’s surgery performed is really too exaggerated. Not only that Keine is capable of resuscitating a patient who’s heart already stopped and with many broken ribs manually, the surgery was not even performed in an operation room nor she’s wearing a surgical cap. XD That was really uncommon and we don’t often see it in dramas like Grey’s Anatomy too. Anyway, I like her figure and hopefully we could see more of her figure when performing surgery in the coming episodes. (like wearing a bikini something like that) (^_^)b

When Masato and his companions return to Elm Village only for them and the rest of villagers get arrested by soldiers of Marquis Findolf led by his knight, Inzagi. Inzagi allegedly accused them of treason with his absurd claim that peasants having gold coins is considered a crime against the nobility. After that, the villagers was ordered to be burned inside their homes. However, Akatsuki’s magic manages to free the villagers before the Tsukasa and the others arrive where they learn Inzagi has kidnapped Lyrule.

I think Tejina senpai should really be learning magic from Akatsuki!! Please transfer her to the isekai world too!!

That’s all for the fanservice review for this post and we hope that you all are enjoying the story and fanservice of this anime too. Till then, please stay tuned for the coming episodes of fanservice review!! Thanks for reading everyone!! (^^)v