Kandagawa Jet Girls Episode 03 Fanservice Review

Dreaded steam censorship, we meet again

Jet Girls delivers yet another bathing scene, except this time using steam to obscure full nudity. This was not present in the previously fully uncensored episodes. We can only hope this is a blip rather than a trend and perhaps a correction to be made in the blu ray release.

Disappointment aside, there are some light-mild ecchi scenes worth covering as well as a slow progression of the story if you care about that.

Rin is still aggressively recruiting members to her Jet Ski club. We meet some new faces along the way; a freckle faced female mechanic and a student council president.

If there were to be a male character in this show, you’d think it would be in the role of a repairman. It’s probably safe to say the character cast will remain exclusive to the female sex.

Rin then returns to her partner Misa, who is having second thoughts about joining the club despite committing to do so in the previous episode.

As per usual, Misa is powerless to resist Rin’s charms and winds up joining the club anyway

The following morning, Misa wakes Rin out of bed to begin a training arc of epic proportions

Not sure how any of this helps with maneuvering a jet ski and aiming a rifle, but we’ll take it. Misa is so impressed by Rin’s hard work that she invites her on a date.

The two somehow get seperated from one another, and it is here that we’re re-introduced to the weeb duo from episode one. They are named….Jennifer Peach and Emily Orange. I wish I were making that up.

The engrish of these two gets annoying rather quickly. Turn the sound on in the following gif if you want an idea of such. Or not.

all of that is forgiven in the following scene where they strip in a public sauna…but the scene is made bittersweet because of the aforementioned censorship

Steam isn’t the end all be all. We can still use our creative imaginations here to get a full picture and the girls are nonetheless sexy. But it’s just disappointing to see blurring in a show that is very reliant on fanservice to be watchable, and did not censor nudity in previous episodes. We didn’t get obtrusive steam in the bath scene of Kaguya and Kuromaru – why now?

Misa catches up to Rin and is predictably not too happy about her new company. A scuffle over a toy results in a Jet challenge. they’re on a train, so bouncing tits

End Card:

Preview Sequence:

Here’s an optimistic view of the censorship. We’ve only gotten nudity from Jet Girls under one of two conditions – competitors changing before a match or bathing afterwards. So it’s possible that this is a random occurrence that will not continue into episode four where the weeb duo are shown fully nude in a post match shower. Maybe that’s a reach, maybe it’s true. Either way we’ll see in a week.

The samurai themed battle suits of Emily and Jennifer are pretty damn cool. Every duo seems to have their own unique style, so it should be interesting to see how they perform together. This will be Misa and Rin’s second competition; I seriously doubt they’ll lose a second straight race after a training arc so we can expect them win and boost their confidence.

This was by far the slowest episode of the season. Hopefully the next one picks up the pace and continues the uncensored goodness.

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