Conception fanservice review episode 4


The sadness of wasted potential.


I initially intended to have this post consist of episode 4 and 5 together which is why I didn’t do it last week. But since episode 5 ended up being a beach episode I figured that should get it’s own post so I had to split these into two like they normally would had been if the show wasn’t so bad. Both posts will be today so later today after this one will be the episode 5 post since I have both of them done. As for this episode the low amount of service continues with most of it being at the beginning with a VN parody and something really minor near the end. However this episode surprisingly does contain a very small amount of actual competence with the writing in regards to development of the focused girl of the episode and her relationship with the main character which let’s us for a short moment experience what the show could had been with actual decent writing.

The episode starts with a VN being played out and showing various scenes from it featuring the main character with different women all of whom have jar jar bink’s face thus ruining any potential service from this scene. Really disappointing because this could had been a really nice thing if it had been taken seriously instead of using it for comedy. Imagine if instead of random women in the scene it had been the various different 12 girls instead and obviously with their actual faces. If we had gotten all the girls shown in various VN parody cg sex scenes that would had been a high point of the show especially if they included nudity on BD but of course the potential here is just thrown away.

After this we see the two of them talking and the scenes from the VN scroll by so you can see them without the text boxes(which should be a requirement for any game). I won’t fill this up with a bunch of screens of the same stuff so just watch the webm which shows the VN scenes scrolling behind them. Like the previous episode we see those faces covering up the important parts. Don’t have any confidence in these having any kind of nudity behind them on BD so I’m not even going to think on it too much. If it does great but this show feels like it takes pride in trolling so I’ll believe it when I see it.

Itsuki enters the church and sees Arie and how she interacts with children. Later as he is trying to get lunch he sees Yuzuha and she runs after seeing him as he chases after her but loses her.

After jar jar binks tries teaching him about the books it carries around with it, Itsuki leaves and goes to Yuzuha’s house. He gives her the extra sandwich he bought since he saw she didn’t get one and comes inside. Eventually he learns that she is a painter and she draws what she sees in her dreams but hasn’t had any recently so she hasn’t made anything new. He also discovers that she keeps a coffin to sleep in. He then suggests going outside in hopes that will give her new ideas on what to draw.

Itsuki waits for her to get to the park and chases jar jar binks away so he doesn’t have any interference with his date. She ends up bringing her coffin and then shows him that she has her art supplies with her so she can try painting something. Eventually a little girl sees jar jar binks jerking off in the tee and points at it as her mother screams and drags her away. Yuzuha thinks they were talking about her and runs off continuing with her never leave the house life believing people think of her as weird.

Itsuki goes to the church and talks to Arie about Yuzuha to see if she knows anything and learns that Yuzuha has a illness in which she slowly dies draining her life away as she sleeps with no cure found. That is also why she carries a coffin and sleeps in it so she won’t be a burden on anyone when she eventually dies which will happen in her sleep eventually according to Arie. After learning this he finds jar jar binks building a new coffin to apologize for ruining their date. Itsuki realizes he can use that to get her outside again. Itsuki meets her again and shows it to Yuzuha and tells her he will bring one as well so she won’t have to worry about looking weird and convinces her to go outside with him one more.

After going outside and finishing their date she tells him she wants to repay him for helping her and taking her outside to see everything. So she tells him she wants to have his child and they head off to the special room.

This is all there is. These scenes keep getting shorter and shorter and don’t give any service in almost any degree at all as opposed to the games that did. The only significant thing we get is the pan of her body as she is on the bed but Itsuki is blocking the view of her to see her naked. I suppose you could hold out hope that this will be changed on BD but I doubt it. Unlike the previous episode that had stuff covering the chest(which even then is debatable if it will mean anything changes on BD) this episode used a different method to censor it so if it would be changed they would had probably made it more apparent and not used a different censor method. Though like I said I don’t expect anything to change in this show to begin with regardless of the method used.

Later after making a child with her her is congratulated by jar jar binks and told to pursue Arie next and gives him a present to take to her. When Itsuki arrives he almost discovers her secret as she is coming out of a secret room which will be addressed in the next episode. He gives her the present which contains a whip which is just what she likes as she starts to use it on him and the episode ends.



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I kind of want to say this episode was the worst one yet but for a different reason then what you may be thinking. The service level was low but if we pretend to ignore that then there is something else here in this episode which is actually depressing. And that is for a brief period for a very very short time it almost felt like the show did something right. Unlike the previous episodes which barely developed the girls at all this one by comparison actually spent a notable amount of time on the girl for this episode. Make no mistake it was still barely anything major and considering how piss poor the writing has been so far doing something better isn’t that hard to do but it feels like we almost got a glimpse of what this show could had been like with a better director.

This episode gave us some scenes of Itsuki actually interacting with the girl and developing some kind of relationship with her while trying to help her out unlike the others which were super quick and had no real connection between them. It almost for a very split second reminded me of the second game and how the routes of the girls in that actually had the main character and the girl in question have reasons to develop feeling for each other. If the entire show had actually been filled with decent romantic development between Itsuki and the girl of the day then it could had helped improve it but instead we just got a rush job. Even though one episode doesn’t give much time this episode proved it could be possible to at least semi succeed in making the audience care about the girl in question if effort is put into the show’s writing.

There are two things this show needed to do and would had fitted in with the overall theme present in it. The show has failed at both of these but for this episode we saw rather briefly one of these elements ever so slightly peek it’s head out. Like I said one episode isn’t enough to really do much but we did get something semi acceptable for the little time they are allotted to develop some form of connection between the main guy and the girl. To advance in the dungeons he needs stronger children and the strength of the children is determined by how close he is to each of the girls. In the game this element is obviously a gameplay thing and a major core feature of the game.

So in the show developing the relationship between the two characters helps us as the audience feel that they really are close to each other and see this represented in the children they create. Also this brings up the second important element that they have forgotten and that is the service. Giving service of girls that we have gotten attached to would be far more impactful because we got attached to said girl. Essentially this show could had been meta in that regard by having the audience be both emotionally attached to the girl though actual development and also sexually attached through the service. This would actually fit with the theme of the series rather nicely which is that the more that two people feel for each other in both mind and body the stronger the children end up being. I’m making this a shortened abridged version of what I am trying to say to not make this too long since I will save my longer thoughts for the final episode after all is said and done. However the point is there was a lot of potential in this show and they completely dropped the ball with it but for this episode we got to see even if only briefly some form of competence in one of the two important elements I feel this show needed to be good. So in a way this episode could be considered the worst so far simply because it was the best so far since it showed us that things didn’t really need to be this way and they were capable of doing something better. We could had got something decent if they put forth this effort but instead were given one of the worst shows of the season.

I wonder when it will be that i finally do a post that is multiple episode in one? I thought about doing that for other shows in the past as well but never ended up doing it. Anyway expect the next post a few hours after this since I will try to just split this up to fill the time till the senran post.