Conception fanservice review episode 5




We get the required beach episode this time however it doesn’t really deliver much on the service like you would expect. In fact other then brief appearances by the other girls the entire thing feels like a waste. Sure we get swimsuit service thanks to this episode but unlike the other episodes that would present a possibility of being uncensored on BD nothing of the sort really happens here. I still doubt those other episodes will give anything but still some hope is better than no hope at least and this episode contains no hope with no in your face censors.

Itsuki and his star children are progressing through the dungeons and restoring the star wards. Much like before they continue to hear a loud roar and rumbling whenever they do but still have yet to figure out what is causing it. As they talk about getting stronger and needing stronger children, Itsuki says he hasn’t really had time to spend with any of the girls to do that. After hearing this it’s suggested that they all head to the beach for a break as that will allow him time to bond with the girls and hopefully create more children.

I once joked in one of my hentai schedule posts about wanting a slenderman harem anime with various female urban legends as part of his harem. I didn’t however want this in which all the girls get slenderman faces.

As they are heading to the beach they hear someone drive up next to them. The girls tell Itsuki he is Seiya who is the idol of the school that tries to go after all the girls. They realize he found out about the beach trip due to jar jar binks posting about it on twitter or whatever and followed them.

That is the extent of all the beach service we get from the other girls. Just a few static images and nothing else. Like I said pretty much a waste of a beach episode. Itsuki goes to sit down next to Lilith and talk to her after seeing her not in the water as she says her fortune telling told her not to get in the water that day.

As he is sitting with her they see Seiya doing stuff on the beach as Lilith tells Itsuki how he visited her to have his fortune told the other day and how much of a womanizer he is. Itsuki tells her how he doesn’t care much about fortunes and that she shouldn’t worry about whatever it said about him.

After Itsuki tells her she shouldn’t rely on fortunes she gets upset believing him to doubt her fortune telling powers as her split personality Lillie comes out. After yelling at him for not believing in them she tells him to let Lilith tell his fortune next. She switches back and Lilith reads his fortune only to panic and write a note to her other self before switching back. Lillie yells at him some more asking what he did till she sees the note Lilith left for her.

Lillie tells him that he has the seal of death on him and that is why Lilith panicked after reading his fortune. Itsuki tells her it doesn’t bother him and he doesn’t believe it (guess he never played chrono trigger otherwise he would take death fortune telling predictions more seriously). She points to Seiya and how he is here as proof her predictions are always correct.

Upon hearing this jar jar binks decides to rape Seiya’s ass with raccoon fingers causing him to stop what he is doing. This allows Itsuki to calm Lilith down by showing her that it is possible to change one’s fate from her fortune telling and to not worry about the death seal on him as he tells her he believes her fortune telling now and to try his again. She reads Itsuki’s fortune and gets embarrassed before saying she will leave things to Lillie before writing her a note.

Lilith is too embarrassed to create the star child so she has Lillie do it. Unfortunately this is all we get from the scene. Made worse when you consider this was the first time we see the girl being somewhat more in the lead but then we get nothing from it. I supposed if you wanted to convince yourself of something you could hope that one frame with both of them is cropped for BD but who are we kidding at this point everyone knows not to expect any notable service from these segments like we should be getting. They seem to just blow past these parts which should be the main major service provider in the show as fast as possible. I think these scenes just signal depression in people when they see them knowing how much lost potential occurs from them. The games handled these so much better.

There is a food collaboration menu being done for the show at some cafe which is what this is supposed to be directing you to.

Itsuki goes to visit the star children as they are training only to spot Seiya there watching as well. After chasing him away he notices that Arie was there watching also as she runs off.

We then see that Arie has a fetish for weapons and a collection of them which explains why she was at the training grounds watching. Later Seiya comes to the church to confess to her a secret he has about unfulfilled love. Afterwards Arie tells him she will share her secret with him as well.

The whole misleading thing which was already predictable the second it started.

Arie tells Seiya about her weapon love and asks him to demonstrate her newest one she just got. Seiya ends up falling over because of how heavy it is as Itsuki runs in after hearing it and gets ready to kick his ass thinking he was there to attack Arie. Afterwards she explains to Itsuki what happened and jar jar binks confirms nothing happened by smelling her.

Arie shows Itsuki her weapon collection after explaining what she was having Seiya do. Itsuki agrees to use all the weapons for her since he is stronger as she watches him swing them around while Seiya takes pictures. Eventually Itsuki tells her how happy he is to learn that she isn’t as serious as he thought she was as she agrees to make a child with him.

We don’t even get any touching here just her slapping him around with a whip. They really are pissing these segments away aren’t they? Instead of using these parts for their service potential they instead focus on turning it into comedy. After this the credits start but there is an after credits scene next.

Arie is talking with Seiya the next day as he is looking through the photos he took at both at the beach and yesterday. Arie of course already knows his secret and what the photos really are of. The wind blows as they fly out of his hands and the most important one that he was telling Arie about lands on jar jar binks’ face. Upon looking at it his secret is revealed as Seiya is really into men and his unfulfilled love is his love for Itsuki hence why he was taking pictures of him and his womanizing act is just a cover to hide him liking men. And with that the episode ends.



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Even though this was a beach episode it still mainly focused on only one girl during the beach part making us miss out on any kind of significant service for the others. Actually calling this a beach episode might even be a stretch since normally the beach part or stuff surrounding it takes up more of the episode than this did. It felt like the beach setting itself was an afterthought and only existed as a reason to get the main character talking to a new girl rather than actually utilizing it to give us service or even beach shenanigans with any of the girls. Then just like that we switch out of it and have an entirely different plot point and different girl focus for the second half of the show.

This whole two girls an episode format doesn’t really work as you don’t get enough time to focus on said girl to make us care about her. The worst part is this is obviously the result of the large cast and this large cast actually causes more problems than just this rushed format. Honestly I have to look up the names of the girls when doing these posts as I can’t remember them. We were introduced to too many people at once and then they all sit out for multiple episodes until their turn comes up. Then when they do get an episode they go back into the background afterwards and you forget about them again. This is just another one of those works well in videogames but not shows thing. I’m sure this name issue isn’t a problem when playing the game since you are obviously seeing more of the characters so getting a large group pushed onto you at once isn’t too much of a problem but here it is.

Though the biggest annoyance with this large cast is that the main benefit it could had given is of course not used. If the love ritual segments actually delivered on any kind of service like they should had it would give us something to look forward to each episode. A different girl each episode should in theory help keep things new but here it doesn’t simply because it’s not like we can look forward to new service from a new character with each episode. Just thinking about it is depressing because though I bring this up a lot but this show had so much potential it just threw away. Those love ritual segments should had been minutes long filled with service even if it was just imagination stuff like the games do. And these segments would had featured a different girl or even two each episode with everyone looking forward to what we get from each girl thus making this large cast a blessing at providing something new each episode. Instead we get none of that and instead get a show that feels like it wants to be a comedy more than anything else with characters who get so little time in the spotlight we either don’t care or forget about them an episode later.

We have 5 girls left with the loli and drill hair next week. Assuming they keep with the two girls an episode format then that will leave two more episodes after next week needed till all the girls are given an episode. So we will in theory only have 4 episodes left for whatever else it is they want to get through after all the girls have their turn. Who knows if the love ritual stuff will even be used anymore after that. Considering how quick they go through it now I wouldn’t be surprised if they skip showing it all together if more children are needed to be made later on rather than show each girl a second time. As for these posts I have no idea what I am going to do in regards to episode numbers and posts. I had planned on doing one post for both these episodes but being a beach episode I wanted it to have it’s own so they were split. No idea if I will attempt this combined post format again for the next episode and pair it up with 6 and 7 as one post. Chances are even if I try to do that episode 7 might end up having something to make it worth it’s own post and then I have to split them again.

Just knowing this show is not even halfway over is horrifying. I don’t think I was counting down the days for a show to end this early even with 25sai which ended up being so bad I stopped doing those josei shows. Still 7 more episodes left. Why couldn’t his had been one of those 10 episode shows instead or better yet 5 minute ones? Actually better yet turn this into a 5 minute r18 show and it instantly becomes a lot better and I wouldn’t be dreading working on posts for it.