Senran Kagura Shinovi Master fanservice review episode 5



Time to compete in nude sports.


After last week had no nudity we get back to it this week with the tournament starting and with it various rounds that all lead to nudity. We get some in show nudity of others that were previously only nude in the ED so far as well as some better angles/views for some of the others that already had nudity.


As the competition gets ready to begin Kagura’s group arrives to join Miyabi and Yumi’s groups in taking part. Fubuki also notices Asuka hiding in the seats and tells her she is only allowed to watch.

The rules are explained as being matches between two teams in a rotating fashion and the winner will be whoever wins two matches. Each team will also announce their captain and the team loses when their captain is taking out. Also each match will have it’s own set of rules and playstyles (sadly no yuri sex battles are used). Meanwhile Homura has woken up and told everyone about what has happened when she fought Asuka. She then asks about the competition and Haruka tells her they turned it down since they didn’t know if she would wake up in time. Homura then decides that since it is going on right now and they turned it down this would be the best chance for them to sneak in and rescue the others.

The first match is Kagura’s group against Yumi’s group in naked dodgeball. They are told that the ball will explode on anyone that touches it unless they touch it using special gloves and the match begins.

This stuff really annoys me when it happens. You can tell there are some nice frames in that scene worth seeing but there is no clear view of them because they place multiple layers over top each frame. I even went frame by frame to check and there were no clean views of some of these frames she is naked in. 

During the match Kagura warns Yumi about Fubuki and how she should be careful around her. In the end Yumi’s team wins when Renka forgets she is the captain and runs to shield Kagura from getting hit and as a result loses her clothes instead and being the captain for the match her team loses. Afterwards Kagura talks to Yumi some more about Fubuki and how she was serious about what she said during the match to be on alert near her.

The next match is Kagura’s group versus Miyabi with the rules being you need to knock the team captain off their group and onto the ground for them to lose.

After the match goes on for a while Kagura decides to purposely lose by jumping towards where Fubuki is to face her and announces to Fubuki that her team has now lost since she has touched the ground. Due to her deliberately losing that means Yumi and Miyabi’s team are tied and that the next match will decide the winner.

Rin is hiding and watching the match only to get an alert that all the shinobi sent to the kikai dome to investigate have went missing as youma have started to appear there. Realizing how bad the situation is she notes how the only people left that can go there now are the students and they are all too busy with this competition and it needs to end quickly so they can stop wasting time here. She then runs into Homura and her group as they are sneaking around to find the Hanzo students locked up. They both reveal they are there for the same purpose and head off to find and rescue them.

Interesting thing about this scene is something Rin says which hopefully does have some important meaning. She says the only people left are students and if you remember all the girls from New Wave are doing nothing right now and are watching the fight online. So perhaps this is going to be the plot point to bring them into the show so we get nudity of them later on. Also the fact that Rin is here pretty much means the chance of getting service from her in the future is likely (possibly from her fighting Fubuki and losing her clothes maybe). So hopefully this mean Rin nudity will be soon. Except for one problem. She is in her shinobi transformed version rather than her glasses teacher form. Why must you kill my interest? No glasses no life.

The final match between Miyabi and Yumi’s group is a game of capture the flag in which the leader must take the other team’s flag to win. Also the pool underneath is filled with the transparent clothing liquid as well for determining when someone is out.

While the match is going on Homura and the others find Katsuragi and the rest of Hanzo and get ready to save them when they suddenly notice a youma is tied up there as well.

Yumi’s group eventually wins by keeping Miyabi distracted enough for Yozakura to grab the flag with her rocket arm. With the end of the match Yumi’s group wins the competition. Afterwards Miyabi and the others leave and considering what the pv for the next episode shows at the end we can assume they left to go take a bath.

After Yumi’s group wins she asks for the others to be released only for Fubuki to tell her that was just a qualifying round and in order to win they must now fight the three of them right after. The others realize they are too weak to continue on after this and complain (they should play more rpgs and they would know the final boss always forces you to fight a bunch of stuff first to weaken you). When they complain about this they are mocked by Gekkou and Senkou and told their weakness is proof of Yumi not following her grandfathers teachings. Asuka then interrupts and says she will fight them instead since she only came there for that purpose.

Yumi stops her and takes her someplace to talk. She gives her the present that she dropped back on episode 1 and tells her to remember how happy everyone was back then and that they have to make sure that isn’t lost. She then reminds Asuka of how she was helped by her in the past and that she wants to do the same for her now and to stop trying to do things alone. Asuka agrees and allows Yumi to join her as the two of them head off together to fight Fubuki and the rest as the episode ends.



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We got back to the nudity this week and it even gave some various new forms of it either with characters we only saw nude in the ED before or with some better shots of characters like Imu and Ryobi. Also we can see that Rin is around to be a service candidate later on and perhaps the story will lead to the New Wave characters joining as well. Now that Katsuragi and the others might be rescued soon we may finally get to see them added into the show again after spending half of it out and so we could get some content from them as well. We also have Kagura’s group added to the story in a higher degree now allowing us to get service of them beyond the ED also.

Next episode is probably going to be serious battles which should hopefully lead to clothing destruction and perhaps getting to see Fubuki, Gekkou, and Senkou nude which has only been present in the ED so far. We already see from the pv that there will be what seems to be a bath scene with Miyabi’s group so that will be something to look forward to. Would not be surprised if we eventually get these individual bath scenes for all the groups as well. Since Hanzo has been left out for most the show and Kagura’s group has only just started to have a bunch of screen time those are two groups that should get bath scenes to themselves as well possibly.

Storywise it seems like the whole tournament thing that they were building up to this whole time has pretty much only lasted just one episode which is odd. I honestly expected at least a few episodes centered around it. I’m guessing the second half of the story will probably be focused on the kikai dome and fighting youma I assume based on the stuff Rin said earlier. This episode despite being a tournament was able to keep the service light hearted and non serious but who knows if that will change should the story starts to take a more darker theme next with the youma stuff. We might be getting more story focused episodes in the future again but I guess it will all depend on how they are going to take the direction of the story next and what kind of service they will give be it more non serious stuff like this or just clothing destruction from battles.

Just watch if they ever do give service of Rin in her teacher form it will end up being a bath scene or something and she ends up having her glasses off during it making her no different from her transformed version. Fortunately there is still Imu. Though it is bullshit we only have one glasses girl in all the main groups. Implying I don’t just put the glasses accessories on the girls in the dressing room in the games.