Amagi Brilliant Park BD Fanservice Review Episode 4:

Everybody has their own strength and weaknesses. (^^)/

This episode starts with Seiya visiting princess Latifah as she fell sick after helping with the promotional video. The park visitors count starts increasing because of Seiya’s management. However, things got more and more busy with time. Isuzu informed Seiya that the mascots at the park has some complaints and he lets her to deal with them instead. XD

However, the Elementario fairies approach Seiya and show him that Isuzu always ends up threatening them with a gun instead of helping them to solve the problem. XD

After knowing this, Seiya tells Isuzu off for her behavior. This resulted in a divide between them.

Isuzu feels down after knowing that she was causing more problems for the park.

In the next day, Seiya was asked by princess Latifah to ride the Ferris wheel together with her. It was revealed that Seiya is actually afraid of heights.

A few days later, a heavy rain occurred and it could have flooded the entire park because of the broken drainage system.

Seiya panicked while Isuzu offers herself to take the lead in solving the situation. She organized an emergency operation and delegates the task to the others to prevent further damage.

With Isuzu capable of handling emergency cases, the flood was successfully mitigated. After the rain had stopped, Isuzu revealed that she was always strict and not good in communicating with others because of her military training. And because of that, she always resorts to her gun. XD

Despite that, Seiya shows her that all the cast and workers at the park is happy with her and is thankful of her actions.

And that is all for this episode. (^_^) Thanks for reading everyone. Hope you guys like this anime and stay tuned for the following fanservice review!!