Harukana Receive: Episode 10-12

Harukana Receive is alleviating to another season. Pray for more beach bums later, but for now: Best Girls vs Team HaruKana


Episode 10: The Face off Begins! At this point in the series my “Everything Butt” Radar has cooled off, because at every other turn there is a nice shot. However it seems like the production has been getting very inconsistent at some of the more distant butt shots. Sometimes they go square, or very droopy. So the inconsistency has been zoning me out of the action as well. However these last three episodes really show where they can take this anime sports-wise, and has great transitions for the action sequences.


Episode 11: The battle continues, as best girls (Emily and Claire) win the first set. Prepare for more action packed battle


Episode 12

Final Episode, Haruka and Kanata win the second set. Exhaustion starts setting in, with Kanata being the only one of the three with any energy left. Endurance would kill anyone in this sport.



The best girls lose the game, however this is where Harukana Receive starts milking plot-heavy options for Season 2. Especially since Claire and Emily both cheer for them in the upcoming Nationals. (unsure if a season 2 is announced) Now begins the relaxing time and montage.


Well that brings this season of Harukana Receive to a close. My hopes for a next season if any is to continue the great amount of shots they create, and reduce the rough looking edges between shots. I would also like the series to put less of a focus on side-characters and more of a growth on our main girl Haruka, since she was just along for the ride mostly.



Thanks for Reading the Harukana Receive journey with me. This is my first time completing a one-season run. Hopefully next time: I can drop some VN bombs for you.



Looking forward to next time! -E101EPiC