Conveni-N Manga Fanservice Compilation

僐儞價僯傫_122-123 - Copy
A short and hilarious gag manga.

This manga is definitely great for a laugh. I mean, where else will you find a manga with the following tags: Haunted Location, Robotization, Native American, Male to Female (don’t worry, no futa here), and Clone/s. Conveni-N is written and drawn by Wamusato Haru, who also did Yuusha no Musume to Deba-Bouchou.

All 8 chapters are fully translated thanks to Hidoi~! Translators and can be found online here. It may be short, but good luck trying to read it in one sitting and getting past chapter 3.

Conveni-N manga fanservice compilation (vol. 1) (Complete)

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Compilation of Volume 1

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