Koko ga Uwasa no El Palacio Manga Fanserive Review

Welcome to the EL-Palacoi! You are our slave. KokoPala07_000Here’s another little known manga, Koko ga Uwasa no El Palacio(Welcome to the El-Palacio) by AOYAGI Takao. Began its serialization in Gessan back in 2009 and has been compiled into 7 volumes.

Here’s a summary by MangaUpdates: “An almost road accident victim loses his memory after being pushed to a street power line pole to save his life. Not knowing his identity he is compelled to stay at his savior’s residence, a gym and boarding house for female wrestlers, until he remembers… During his stay he becomes his savior’s manservant and the gym’s referee trainee”.

It’s another story that could only happen in anime or manga. EL-Palacoi follows this poor, amnesic guy as he is forced to live and serve five female wrestlers. There’s the hot-headed lead, a gun-wielding-cool-beauty, a mysterious bunnygirl, an energetic high-schooler, and a middle-schooler(who’s the only normal one). The fanservice is a bit of a mixed bag. There’s bath scenes, breast groping, sexy outfits and the Rito-like accidents. While it’s largely non-nude, there are a few panels where the areola is just barely visible(like here). Which is a shame because all the ladies have nice figures and I really like how great their butts are drawn. Saddly, the fanservice begins to die down as the series reached it’s conclusion.
Weird fact: this manga got a live-TV series adaption which looks WAY raunchier than the manga. Only Japan.


Koko ga Uwasa no El Palacio (7 volumes, Complete)



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Found a couple of color scans. First one must have been from the manga because the tanks didn’t have color pages. It’s really a shame, that ass looks great.


I really like art style. Wish I could find a better scan of these.


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