Cutie Honey Universe Fanservice Review Episode 02

A quick and (not so) dirty run down of episode two.


This episode covers Cutie Honey’s basic backstory of how she came to be, how she came to learn of her powers, and how her inventor ‘father’ came to die.  The previous episode had a decent amount of intentional fanservice, but this episode does it unintentionally for the most part.


Here’s Cutie Honey in stasis just before being born.  There’s censorship here though it doesn’t seem like the obvious to change on BD kind.


Blank boobs noted.


Here something interesting happens.  The series had not really bothered with obvious censorship to this point, showing blank boobs instead.  Here a shot starts right on Cutie Honey’s chest and scrolls up to her face.  It’s clearly censored out, and once her chest is safely off camera the light fades away as such:


Probably nothing, but at least it’s something to watch for on BD.


Here Cutie Honey looks down and realizes she’s naked, looking at her naked breasts which are off-screen.  The shot isn’t obviously cropped, but it is a very tight shot all the same, subtly indicating at an easy BD change if so desired.


Again, probably not going to happen, but at least these are some interesting signs which the previous episode mostly lacked.


How are we supposed to feel sad when you put an ass like that in the same shot?


Maybe it was because the story composer needed to save time to fit all the story in, but there were several Honey Flash moments that were completely skipped over in this episode.  Honey shouts the magic words and the very next shot is her appearing in her new outfit with no dress change animation inbetween.  There was only one such change shown and it repeated the same sequence as episode one.

The willingness to simply skip over these segments completely is why I don’t have a ton of optimism for this show on BD, despite the nudity on the end cards.



End Card


Once again, nice end card.  I think this is probably all we’ll get, but it’s nice all the same.