Tachibanakan Triangle fanservice review episode 3


A new girl for lewd times.


This episode seems to rush to cram as much content from the manga in as it can. Also we get multiple uses of light beams in this one.


Hanabi is looking at some ads for different places to live while thinking about what happened that morning. We then see a short flashback to her getting introduced to Iori explaining that she moved there the same day she did and the reason she saw her standing around naked that day is because she had just taken a bath and went outside to dry off. When the idea of Hanabi and Iori being together is brought up Konomi gets angry and fights over Hanabi. Thinking about all the arguments and stuff she will be subjugated to has lead to her looking for a new place to live.

Iori sees Hanabi searching for a new place to live and asks her what is she doing causing her to be surprised at her sudden appearance. Hanabi says it is nothing and asks why she was there and Iori telss her she was just out shopping and Hanabi offers to help her take the stuff home. When they get back Hanabi decides that she will spy on Iori to try and figure out more about her. In the end this turns up nothing as she sees that Iori behaves much differently than she pictured as she saw her being social with others outside which she thought would be the opposite. As you can figure out this part makes the whole 5 minute time limit and rushing seem more apparent since in the manga we actually get the spying done in realtime and not just an instant thing that is told rather than shown.

That night while Yoriko and Yuu are drinking Yuu notices Hanabi thinking about something and asks if she is thinking of leaving. This gets a reaction from the others and leads to Yoriko and Yuu grabbing onto Hanabi telling her they won’t let her leave. They then get interrupted by Iori whom proceeds to throw up. Something worth pointing out is that the scene in which both Yoriko and Yuu are grabbing Hanabi and Yuu has her hands down her pants isn’t in the manga. The part in which they both grab her is but not that particular scene pan instead you just have a panel of the same setup but no image of what we saw here. This is good as it shows they are adding extra service to the show that was not in the manga which leaves things open for more possibilities. Also in case you want to see what the manga version of the scene with Yoriko is without the light beam here it is..

It’s odd how they censored the panties with a light beam but the scene consisting of Yuu’s hand down the front of Hanabi’s pants is left alone.

Hanabi takes Iori to her room which is next to her’s after she passes out from the alcohol smell. While there Hanabi is looking around and thinks on how she still knows nothing about Iori when she notices she has woken up. Iori asks her if she likes her and Hanabi thinking she just wants friends as a form of love suggests they remove the divider to their rooms and sleep together that night instead.

After laying down for a bit Hanabi hears Konomi and goes outside and asks her what is wrong. Konomi says she was worried Hanabi would actually leave like the others were talking about earlier. Hanabi tells her she isn’t and not to worry about it while keeping it a secret that she really was thinking about it. At that moment as Konomi gets ready to go back to bed, Iori wearing no panties wakes up after over hearing them and asks if what Hanabi said was true then why was she at the real estate place looking for a new place to stay. Censorship during this part as well both on Iori’s butt when she walks onto the scene and the obvious part when she is seen without panties. Here is the manga page for reference.

Konomi doesn’t even think about what Iori just said and instead gets angry at the sight of her not wearing any pants or even underwear and yells at Hanabi because of what she thinks they were doing and the episode ends.



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This episode covered the remainder of chapter 1 and all of chapter 2 in just it’s short time. Obviously as you can guess this episode felt really rushed with everything going by so fast that before you can even process what just happened it moves to the next scene. Hopefully this was just a one time issue because it really shows the flaw of a 5 minute runtime for a series that has a large amount of chapters and volumes available. There is nothing wrong with 5 minute shows when the source material is either something like a 4koma or original and thus can be written to take the short time into account. For a full length manga though making a show 5 minutes and not accepting the fact that it is 5 minutes and thus not accepting that you won’t get very far chapter wise and instead trying to cram as much as you can into it isn’t going to work well.

On the plus side it at least means they will get to chapters with service quicker and as long as those parts aren’t skipped due to a short runtime that is all that matters. Assuming they continue one with the manga how they have been doing we should get some nice things for next week based on the content of the next chapter. Since they managed to go through an entire chapter in this episode alone it will also be interesting to see if they keep that rate going which could give us an idea on how far they will get in the manga.

It saddens me that they won’t reach the glasses girl though whom doesn’t appear until much later in the manga. She would be best girl if they had. Speaking of which the new castlevania game just announced has a megane girl female lead in it. Disappointing that it is for phones instead of say Switch instead but at least I now know whom my new castlevania waifu will be.