Cuye stories: the beginning

We live in strange times,But that is not the issue…or is it?             1171354805930

“Perfect,but our company is too big to produce more anime like this…”

“The anime these days has too many naked girls”:snapshot20090531164115Esper_Mami-075_036

“The anime was better before,now it is too”kawaii””:Bz0vSY9CUAATANP  nn_nuku007

Well I think you get the idea

…Atsushi Ootsuki!!!,Nana’s nipples are fine, but Mikan is too much for you?!!! Instead of TLRD…you should be directing this:                                                                                                            519048c1-82b4-4f23-b113-47f83086c8e5

This beauty scares you?:357 This scares you?!!:Sin títufffffffffffffffffffffffflo How about this one?:Sin cuchuflitítulo

By 2025 it is estimated that all human beings will evolve into diarrhea:

¿You want to be a bunch of diarrhea?

0% Problems 100% FAP!! This is how things should be!! .