Cuye stories: the beginning

We live in strange times,But that is not the issue…or is it?              “Perfect,but our company is too big to produce more anime like this…” “The anime these days has too many naked girls”: “The anime was better before,now it is too”kawaii””:   Well I think you get the idea …Atsushi Ootsuki!!!,Nana’s nipples are fine, but Mikan is too much for you?!!! Instead of TLRD…you should be directing this:       …

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Mahoromatic fanservice compilation

Back in 2001, Mahoromatic was a game changer.  At the time it was by far the most ecchi series to air on TV, but perhaps more amazing was that fans generally respected the series as an anime despite the unbelievable amount of nudity and service. The ecchi genre as a whole took off over the next half-decade, no doubt thanks to the (fully deserved) commercial success of this series.

Mahoromatic Fanservice AMV

I remember watching this show in the early 2000s when it was brand new and thinking even then that this was an incredibly nostalgic show.  This is slice-of-life done right, in a “remember the good times” kind of way that reminded me some of Maison Ikkoku, except with quasi-mech battles, a much higher volume of nudity, and plenty of GAINAX zaniness.