Mahoromatic manga fanservice compilation


Beginning it’s manga run in 1998 three years before its GAINAX + SHAFT adaptation, Mahoromatic is remembered for it’s unique combination of action, art quality, serious storytelling, classical tragedy storyline elements, and of course, copious amounts of uncensored boobage.

It was also the breakout manga for artist Bow Ditama, who’d later create a pair of hit ecchi manga in Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! and Kiss X Sis.  While the Mahormatic manga does not shy from drawing nipples to say the least, it’s interesting that Bow Ditama went the non-nude route in his two follow-ups.

Pretty nice art and service for the manga standards of the 1990s and early 2000s.  The story was pretty good too, including a trippy ending where Suguru has his hands cut off, only to return years later a stylistic and unstoppable ass-kicker with what we assume to be bionic hands.  Lolwut?

But nevermind any of that.  Did I mention these are Bow Ditama drawn ta-ta’s?


Mahoromatic  (8 volumes, complete)



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