Maken-Ki! Two’s sixth episode makes us pine for the blu-rays more than ever


Now this is what I like to see.  No shortage of obvious blu-ray changes coming here, including some very steamy voyeur scenes.

This episode begins the second half of Maken-ki Two’s ten episode run.  While so far it falls short of To Love-Ru standards for nudity, this 6th episode did its part to help close the gap some.

Lots of stuff to cover here…

More foreground censorship:

07 08 104

Another dimmed panty shot:


Plenty of quality soft-service:


On four different occasions we are treated to scenes that will likely be re-drawn for nudity on BD.  The first is an out of body experience by Uruchi during one of her Haruko fantasies.

03 04

Next is a (poorly drawn) visualization of a naked Haruko as Uruchi tries to work up the courage to bungee jump off a cliff.


The third is yet another Uruchi fantasy where she sees a naked Haruko in the sky.


The fourth and most promising instance was a scene where Uruchi spies on Haruko from a ceiling vent as she strips down and bathes.

113 125 133 143 153

This scene was quite intense- fanservice special caliber eroticism.

Overall, this episode was nothing more than a blatant fanservice vehicle, which actually comes as a bit of a relief since this series had not shown as much skin in previous episodes as many thirsty ecchi fans had expected.

The boost in service is quite nice and very welcome, though I would have liked to have seen a different character get all the attention, as Haruko did not lack for good scenes in the original.  Hopefully the final four episodes can help make up some ground for characters like Aki, Kodama, Celia, and Minori.