Yuuya takes Mitsuki to the aquarium in ImoCho’s eighth episode



Another ImoCho episode comes and goes, and my confidence that it will be appropriate for a future compilation dips further and further.  Even if the censorship in the early episodes ends up being legit, it would take a dramatic turnaround for ImoCho to qualify as a true fanservice series at this rate.

But at least the ride hasn’t been a bore, and this episode was actually some good old fashioned romantic comedy fun.  The “be mindful of where you are” line from a pair of onlookers was worth a cheap laugh at the end.

As far as the fanservice material…

Mitsuki treats the outing as a date and becomes very nervous.  It’s been said that one way to counter nerves in front of a group of people is to envision them all in their underwear.  Mitsuki decides to quell her nerves by envisioning herself in her underwear.  Okay then.

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Overwhelmed, she falls to her knees, giving a mild panty shot that (uncharacteristically) remains uncensored.


This show likes showing Mitsuki on the pot for some reason.  More lock and key censorship, with the dialogue implying that she’s wearing her chastity belt.


(Was she really peeing with that chastity belt still on?  Some topics are best not explored.)

And that’s pretty much it.  Fun episode if you are one of those for whom the romantic comedy genre never gets old, but not much to report as far as fanservice goes.