Date A Live II Blu-ray Review Episodes 3&4

It’s time to wrap it up for the twins!

Sadly, this post will end the Yamai twin sister’s arc. Luckily, they are given the most service intensive episode this series ever received. It’s also one of my favorite forms of service, a beach episode! Unlike a lot of recent beach episodes coming from anime this one took up 2/3rd of the episode. So, one can really enjoy the girls in their swimsuits. Anyhow, as stated in the previous post both sisters are competing to win over, Shidou, with their charms. Although things appear to be all fun and games there’s a secret to be told here. Each sister actually wants the other one to win. However, once they both realize this their final conflict begins.  Thankfully, our MC won’t idly stand by and watch them tear themselves apart. With a little convincing the best possible outcome is achieved. And with that do enjoy this last piece of twin service.


Episode 3:


Episode 4: