Kiss x Sis OVA Review Episode 3

It’s time for wincest!

Been a while since we’ve had some good ole Kiss x Sis here on the front page. Anyhow, OVA 3 has our MC take a backseat. It’s all about Ako and Riko this episode. We begin with some classic bust-up action. We’ve all seen the typical anime breast envy. Both sisters are just looking to get in their fair share as well. Moving forward the girls find a dirty magazine in Keita’s room. While Keita is away studying the girls look into what he’s into. The magazine is pretty much a copy of the show with two twin sisters having an interesting relationship with their brother. Both our female heroines then decide they’d like to practice in order to get better for, Keita. Well, get ready for some of the greatest wincest and yuri action. Enjoy!



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More Kiss x Sis goodness to come!