Dog Days Blu-ray Review Episodes 1-3

Doge days!

Looking for a light hearted fantasy adventure with a side of service? Well, you’ve come to the right post! Dog Days, begins its journey within the world of, Flonyard. This world is inhabited by humanoids but, with an assortment of animal ears and tails. That’s right cat and dog girls for all! Anyhow, the story is centered around our MC, Cinque. He is summoned to the world of, Flonyard, by princess Millhiore Firianno Biscotti. The Biscotti kingdom is on the verge of losing it all and decides to summon a hero. Our MC, Cinque, unknowingly answer this call and comes to the aid of, Milihiore. Upon first arriving he witnesses the battle between Biscotti and the Galette Lion Army. However, upon closer inspection this battle is really just a sports competition. So, no cute cat or dog girls were harmed in the production of this animation. Cinque, readily accepts to aid the princess in her cause yet, the best surprise awaited him after the battle. Enjoy!



Episode 1:



Episode 2:



Episode 3:













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Side Note: I’ve actually never watched, Dog Days, until very recently. So, this will be a bit of a new experience for me. Overall, it has been a solid viewing experience so far. Not sure how things will hold up on the service side but, I’ll still continue on with season 1. I know we have some Dog Days fan out there so do look forward to more!