Dogeza De Tanondemita Episodes 10-11 Fanservice Review

Body proportions and pumping gas is Dogeza.

Episode 10 – Ninose San’nose 

Because in the manga world, at a high up Mangaka company like this,
its totally normal to ask to see the goods in order to be able to do your job.
To be fair, she actually seems interested in him in the first place, so I’ll give
this one a pass.

This end cards pretty cute, but it has nothing on the next episode. Webm at the end 😀

Episode 11 – Yuseki Natsumi

I love this one because the two male narrators have to do dialogue as father and son. Made me lol, but hey the expertise of the driver, and the pull of the economy on the gas station will make the girl in front of you show the goods. Kind of unrealistic here, but I have a new favorite Dogeza moment. Can’t wait for the BD.


Love the endcard on this one. Simply Amazing!

Also the moment she pushes up against the glass. Even more amazing!