Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi fanservice review episode 1


“My name is not important. What is important is what I’m going to do”.


The best show of the season has now started and sure enough it delivers far better than anything we have gotten in a long time. Not only do we get nudity not present in the source but the sex is kept. There are a few changes made to the story and a few other things but nothing too major yet.


Like in the manga we get a “future” type scene where we see Keyaru starting his revenge before switching to the beginning to show how he got there. We then get the opening after this and then the show starts but there are some differences here compared to the manga I’ll mention when we get to them.

Keyaru wakes up from having a dream in which he was fighting the demon lord. He sees Anna has come to visit him who raised him since he was a kid as he tells her about it. She mentions how it is his birthday soon and he will be old enough to be assigned a job class and asks which one he wants as he says whatever one will help him repay her for raising him all this time.

“The power for revenge but after seeing you it’s to fuck a water fairy that lives in a pond” and with that the show ends as he uses his chance to get revenge up.

As he is out working and doing chores he starts to hear a voice in his head directing him to go to the pond in the forest to get a power there. Upon doing so the spirit comes out and asks what he wants and he tells her the power that the voice in his head directs him to get. After gaining the power he sees that he now has the ability to read a person’s personal details including their name and stats allowing him to judge a person’s power and see their weaknesses. At that point he gets a vision of what happened to him.

We get a flashback to the final battle with the demon lord and how everyone lost to her and ran out of elixirs to heal.

When they ask Keyaru to heal them he refuses as he tells them he has been waiting for this day to come. He mentions how badly he was mistreated by all of them these past few years and the psychological damage he took due to his healing powers forcing him to experience all the pain and suffering those he healed underwent. And how despite having to go through that he was still treated as dirt and even drugged and even trying to escape would still result in them capturing him and bringing him back.

He tells them a year ago he had been drugged so much he gained a resistance to it and that is when he was able to think again and this whole time has been using his powers to grow stronger since everyone he heals he gets to experience their experiences this means he gains their powers and skills as well. So all the people he has healed has resulted in him becoming stronger. He also discovered a way to use his powers to destroy things as well and he will beat the demon lord himself instead. After reaching her he is able to remove her heart which is the philosopher’s stone destroying her just as the demon lord shows remorse over something she couldn’t protect by losing to him that he wonders the meaning about.

They changed something here about her appearance though. In the manga she was nude after his attack on her but here she isn’t.

Not that much of a big deal since I suspect there is a reason for this and another change later on that removed nudity which I’ll explain when we get there.

Flare tells him he did a good job as he sees that she is okay and was really hiding an extra elixir to save herself that she didn’t tell the other’s about. She asks him to had over the philosopher’s stone since it is dangerous and they need to take it to others back at the castle. He refuses saying he knows she was after it the whole time and plans on using it so that she can take over the world. He tells her that he plans on using it first instead to heal the world and reset things to how they were 4 years ago before he met her and then use his knowledge to get revenge against her and the others. She freaks telling him he will lose his memories as he doubts it since even if the memories go away the pain will remain and that will help drive him for revenge as he uses the stone to reset the world.

We then see him back at the pond having regained all his memories of everything that happened as he vows he will now get his revenge on Flare like he promised. So this entire part of the episode is different from the manga in terms of narrative. It is still the same stuff but the change is how that played it out. In the manga we don’t get flashbacks but instead the story occurs in realtime. The first chapter is that final battle with him resetting time and then the next chapter starts up 4 years in the past. The big change there though is that in the manga he doesn’t lose his memories when sent to the past and need to regain them. Instead he wakes up to see he is back in time and knows exactly what happened. He then went to the pond to get the eye power based on knowledge he had gained from when he healed others in the other timeline not because of his voice telling him. Like I said not that major of a change but just has the story being framed differently.

 When you want to be like Mario when you grow up.

Just like in the original timeline he gets the job class of healer and with the hero rank. Knowing Flare will be there in a few days he goes to the forest to start eating poisonous mushrooms so he can build his immunity to poison and drugs since he knows he will eventually be drugged by them. Flare arrives in the town saying she heard someone with a hero rank was there. She sees it is Keyaru and asks him to join her to help fight the demon lord. The village cheers for him as he leaves with her to the castle.

On their way to the castle Keyaru tests his eye powers out and can see how strong all the knights with Flare are. When they arrive at the town he acts oblivious to it but he knows that despite how it looks the whole kingdom is rotten as he thinks to himself how the kingdom was built on land that belonged to the demi humans instead and they were all killed or turned into slaves after the people here took over and made it their own.

After meeting with the King, Keyaru reads him with his powers and sees just how strong he is and that there is no way he can start his revenge yet because he is too weak. He also notes how Norn is away studying in another country so he doesn’t have to worry about her either. The king has Keyaru’s stats read and is happy that he is a healer since they needed one as their best swordswoman recently lost her arm and he could help her as he gives him the title of healer hero. Meanwhile Flare is disgusted at learning this since she considers healers weak. This was changed from the manga slightly as well. In the manga Flare learns about his job class in the carriage on the way to the city when they read it but here they change this to happening during the king’s meeting. Regardless we have now reached the best part of the episode….


Reverse rape is the fetish of the master race and all anime needs to have reverse rape in it. This is why Monster Girl Quest needs an anime adaption to heal the world in it’s troubling times. Same thing with Adamas Witches or Destiny Lovers. The day of reverse rape and femdom fetish lovers ruling the world shall one day come to pass. That is all.

That night Keyaru is in his room when the maid comes by and asks to fuck him. He realizes it is because she thinks it will make her stronger but goes along with it because who turns down free pussy plus he can steal her experience during this as well to get stronger. The anime kind of ignores some details here that are kind of important. Maybe it will be explained in a later episode for those not reading it who knows. But in the world everyone has a max level they can reach except for hero ranked people. More importantly hero ranked users can increase the max level cap for others with things like semen. This is why the maid wants to rape him to increase her level cap. This is another detail left out but Keyaru uses his eye powers on her and learns she is really a warrior not a maid she just works as one in disguise thus this is why she wanted her level increased and also explains why he was stealing her experience by using heal on her since obviously a maid’s skills wouldn’t be that useful but a warrior’s would.

For the next few nights all the maids take their turns fucking him as he gains experience each night proving the true strongest job class is coomer job class. This scene not only added nipples not present in the manga demonstrating we are already looking at something good with this show as it will add nudity not in the source. But also we get content from the other maids as well. Disappointing that they make it quick overhead shots though instead of say ground level. Since even though we get stuff from the other maids you don’t really get to see too much of them at those angles. Ideally this would had been the perfect bd special to include just 5 minutes of Keyaru detailing the maid rapes he had every night. Sadly the show isn’t going to have any specials on the bd based on it’s description.

Kureha who is the strongest swordsman the kingdom has that the king mentioned earlier finally arrives in the city and Keyaru is asked to heal her. He does and is able to restore her arm but he passes out from the damage it gives to him as a result. They changed something here as well by removing nudity that was here in the manga.

In the manga she was topless when he healed her but here she isn’t. I’m going to guess the reason they changed this here is simple. They didn’t want to spoil her nudity this early. Likewise with the demon lord who does join him later they probably want to progressively give us nudity of the characters to have something to look forward to rather than use it all up now. As for if we will get demon lord nudity later is hard to say but in the case of Kureha don’t worry. She gets a sex scene later and we should definitely reach it in the anime so I’m suspecting they are saving showing her nude for the first time for then.

Kureha gets worried after seeing Keyaru collapse as Flare and the sage tell her to leave and not worry about it.¬†Kureha agrees but before leaving tells Keyaru thank you and that she will repay him one day (with pussy though she doesn’t know that).

Flare is disgusted with how weak Keyaru is that he passes out with just one use of heal and how worthless he is as a result. The sage tells her not to be hard on him as the power he has is special since normally healing powers can only heal what the human body can heal. In other words healing magic simply speeds up the bodies natural healing abilities so it can’t heal things like losing body parts. But Keyaru’s magic is different and he can heal things normal magic cannot since he is essentially remaking the person with his magic. Flare tells him if that is the case then to do whatever he can to Keyaru to make him useful to them as she leaves sickened by Keyaru. As she leaves Keyaru sees her and thinks to himself how glad he is that she is still a terrible person in this timeline since he won’t feel bad about his revenge he is about to do as the episode ends.

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Reverse rape so I instantly give the show 10/10. The extreme content that people suspect will get this show a lot of attention won’t be till episode 2 so until then can’t judge what extreme levels they are going to go with this but what we got is hopeful. Not only did we get confirmation that nudity is being added in with this episode but they even added some extra content along with it as well. This makes me really interested in what might happen later on with scenes since perhaps they will make them longer or add more service to them like they did here. More importantly the show had the balls to show on screen sex which we seriously need more anime to do. The amount of normie tv shows that do it is large so anime needs to catch up. So after seeing what was in this episode we shouldn’t have to worry about any of the sex scenes being cut. As for the rape scenes though that is another issue altogether and next week will be when we learn how they handle that.

Next week we should get the Flare rape scene and presumably the sex scene with her after she has had her memories wiped. Hard to say how far they will cover next week but since the episode’s title is about revenge on her it would make sense for episode 2 to maybe reach right after her memory wipe as it would be the perfect place to end the episode with Keyaru laughing about what he did to her. This week we got to see how much they are willing to do with sexual content to know what to expect going forward sex wise. While next week will show us how much they are willing to go with rape and violence and there are a number of scenes that will be impacted by how they approach this throughout the show.

As far as BD information is concerned they don’t have any specials on them sadly looking at the product description. It seems like specials are really going away these days as tnk missed doing some for senran and now this as well. Can’t even remember the last anime we had that included specials now. The BDs do include 4 episodes each though so I’m guessing they are doing a larger episode count than normal for BDs to entice people to buy them. Hopefully this works out and it does sell well as we need more companies willing to take risks and have the balls to do what this show has done so far both in terms of content and turning non nude source material into nude for it’s adaption.

Seriously though we need more reverse rape and have it shown on screen though. Mardock Scramble 3 was great for the milf one. Unfortunately we don’t have anything like that in this series anymore from this point on. One day we will get an anime that is all aggressive women. And buckets of cum shall flood the streets.