Dogeza De Tanondemita Episodes 12/ova DVD Fanservice Review

We all knew the Yandere is coming, time to be isekai’d

Episode 12 Omoi Ayame

Remember a long time ago when I did a Visual Novel about a yandere game? Well here we are again. This time around though, the BD came out by the time we finished, so we get the answer to all the uncensored glory. It is glorious.
All the way through, so in a little out of order fashion, were doing the 12 and ova uncensored first, then well compile 1-11 in some sort of super article.

Well Dogeza life was good. I love the conversation the Dogeza dudes have before this happens. But hey, if you live a Dogeza life, you get to go to the Dogeza afterlife.

^This slime lady if a season 2 happens 😀


Episode 13 (OVA) Elf-Chan

This is why Dogeza needs a season 2. Isekai has been pretty hot lately for the last couple years now, so it’s not an unwelcome thing. If it’s any consolation, we got a pretty interesting preview of some potential Dogeza girls at the end of the season. Meet Elf-Chan. A girl who shows it all.






Let’s await the uncensored goodness -E101EPiC