Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi fanservice review episode 12


The end of revenge for now.


This episode covers Norn’s revenge and fortunately unlike what we have seen with Blade or Leonard they didn’t rush it the same way. The episode also adds some original content by changing another scene later to include multiple people. However that scene in particular feels like it was just given table scraps and isn’t as special as you might think. The main event of this episode is the Norn part. Because of that it resulted in this post having the most webms out of all the posts for the show.


Flare gives a speech to everyone in the city telling them to stop fighting and that the people weren’t brainwashed by the demons and chose to live with them by choice. She orders to soldiers to stop killing everyone as the city should serve as an example for other cities to follow since it allows for humans and demons to live together. Her speech results in the soldiers all dropping their weapons and surendering. This is different from how it plays out in the WN and to an extent the manga as well.

In the WN her speech boosts the morale of the people who start fighting back against the soldiers together and it is at that time the poison Keyaru put in the soldiers’ wine the day before finally takes effect resulting in all the soldiers shitting themselves while at the same time being killed by the city’s people while they are too weak.

A shame we didn’t get to see this animated since they removed the make all the soldiers shit themselves plot point. In the manga that part is also missing but the people start to revolt against the soldiers still after Flare’s speech which ends up being the actual Flare in person instead of a hologram. In short the anime makes it that the soldiers just give up while in the WN the people start fighting back instead and beating the soldiers themselves.


Norn having seen the speech knows that wasn’t the real Flare as she knows she would never say things like that. She then concludes that she must be manipulated by someone and figures out it must be the swordsman they heard about earlier as she figures out it must be Keyaru. He is outside listening in on her as he decides to finally break into the room. He tells her he got in by killing all the soldiers at the door as she orders the knights she has with her and Hawkeye to stop him.

This part was changed from both the WN and manga probably for the purpose of making it quicker. In both the WN and manga Keyaru changes himself to look like a messenger and joins Hawkeye and Norn in her carriage as she tries to retreat. While he is in the carriage with her is when Hawkeye realizes who he is and they start fighting. Here in the anime they just have him confront Norn and Hawkeye directly instead.

Keyaru and Hawkeye fight with Hawkeye realizing he has to avoid getting touched by Keyaru. It’s then Keyaru uses his new ability in his weapon allowing him to use his exploding attack without needing to touch the person. I brought this up last week but the anime never really gave an explanation about his new weapon’s ability besides the auto heal. So those only watching the anime might be confused as they never got the explanation that Keyaru now has the ability to explode people without the need to touch them as long as they are within a meter of him. Without knowing that it makes the fight look like he won just out of nowhere but it was really a case of him hiding what his new ability is from Hawkeye and making him think he simply had to avoid getting touched rather than avoid getting close.

After killing Hawkeye by blowing him up Keyaru regrets not being able to steal his abilities like he wanted as he goes to capture Norn. The fight and some things here are also different. The manga version of the fight has Keyaru tricking Hawkeye by letting him get his arm cut off so he can bait him into getting close enough to use his power blowing him up. Hawkeye then realizes the trap and says a few things before blowing up. The instant death here is like the WN where it also was an instant kill but the WN gives a reason for this that the anime doesn’t bring up. Keyaru had no choice but to rush to finish the fight as quick as he could before Norn called for help and the fact that even though he was poisoned from the wine earlier Hawkeye was still too much of a threat so he had no choice but to use a trick to finish and win quickly.

This helps establish that Keyaru didn’t waste the chance to steal Hawkeye’s abilities but that he had no choice but to instant kill him and miss getting them as he had no other option.

Keyaru captures Norn by punching her knocking her out as he looks out the window and sees things have calmed down outside. In the WN he uses a poison needle to hit Norn quickly to prevent her from screaming for help while killing the other two knights by throwing knives at their throats. He then chokes Norn resulting in her passing out so he can take her. He also uses his power to change into Hawkeye so he can leave with Norn and not get any suspicion if seen. Also while the anime shows all the soldiers have stopped attacking and things are peaceful the WN described how the soldiers were all beaten and those that were left ran away.

The victory celebration is mentioned later as well but since the anime removes it we never see anything about it.

Norn wakes up as Keyaru tells her he is going to get revenge on her for what she did. When she asks for what he tells her over Karman’s death and also for his village being destroyed and it’s people killed which he knows she was behind as he uses his healing on her to see her memories before she wakes up. As she says bad things about demons he beats her before choking her for a bit and then calling for Flare to come in. In the WN his interigation actually happens before he takes her and the choking he does here is what he does to bring her back with him. Also he gets an erection during this which the anime doesn’t keep in about how much he likes getting revenge.

So in the WN this stuff happens before her capture while here it’s after. The manga also has his explanation occur after her capture as well.

Keyaru brings Flare in to show Norn what has become of her. He tells her they are going to play a game and if she doesn’t agree he will throw her naked to the town’s people to do what they want knowing she is the one behind the town’s attack. He says if she can avoid cumming by morning she will win otherwise she will become a pet of his just like Flare. He says he knows all about how much Norn likes Flare and she always wanted to get noticed by her as he orders Flare to start doing things to her. The anime doesn’t bring this up but the WN does give an explanation on Flare’s behavior during this part.

It probably was obvious to those watching that she was under the influence of something but the WN makes it more clear. Since obviously Keyaru can’t let Flare know who Norn really is he would need a way to use Flare without her being able to react to this information so drugging her would be needed. Also keep in mind in the WN he brings up constantly how much he needs to make Flare think he is on a quest to save the world rather than revenge so unlike the other things he makes her do he couldn’t have her take part in this with awareness intact. So in short everything you see from Flare here is her under the influence of his drugs and essentially turned brain dead for the time being which will wear off later and she won’t remember any of it.

After having Flare do some things to her Keyaru goes to fuck Norn himself till she passes out. Kind of a disappointment that we don’t really see much of Norn getting fucked as she is covered by Flare’s body and it is fairly short as well.

After finishing with both of them Keyaru tells Norn she lost and so as a result she will now become his slave. He says he will turn her into his little sister as he wipes her memories out.

Back in the city Kureha has shown up and asks who Norn is since she looks different obviously. Keyaru tells her that Norn is really his long lost little sister named Ellen that he became reunited with in the city while also introducing Kureha to Eve. When he asks why Kureha was in the city in the first place she tells him she was worried about him and came to check up on him. He kisses her after hearing this and then notices the others are jealous as well as they all go to fuck.

This part was changed significantly by including Kureha in the first place. In both the WN and manga Kureha is not here and even in the WN Keyaru mentions specifically that he wonders what she is doing now. So for this part they changed it to include Kureha presumably just so they could include her in the fivesome that is going to take place. This would had been a really nice change if not for the fact that you will soon see the issue with the next part.

Due to how little we can see of the scene and the fact that half of it is a static image I had to actually think about things to figure out who was getting fucked. Based on his right hand and it’s angle being on Flare and the movements of Kureha and Setsuna as Flare and Norn are frozen I can take a guess. It appears Setsuna is getting fucking while Kureha is grinding on his face while Norn gets his left hand and Flare gets his right though he only seems to be using that hand on her breast. Point is they fucked this up and of course gave Setsuna the dick when she along with Flare have gotten it plenty while Kureha and Norn should had been the main focus here. 

Also the full entire scene in it’s entirety in one webm. I’m doing this to point out something next.


This scene was a modified version of the scene we should had gotten with Norn and Setsuna instead. In the WN Keyaru mentions that even though Norn’s memories have been wiped her hatred of demi humans is still deep inside her. So in order to eliminate this as it will cause problems he decides he will have her get fucked along with Setsuna in a threesome. Also he knows Eve always watches and does this to further get her used to it so she will submit to him one day.

Changing this they kind of just removes the whole still hates demons plot point I guess for Norn. Altering this to be a fivesome and bringing Kureha back seemingly just for this scene should had been a commendable thing. But instead this whole scene is a waste at how half assed it is. We get a double paizuri scene that is only two seconds long, a static image scene panning with no movement, and a scene where the same character we already saw getting fucked before is fucked again and on top of which half the scene has no movement either, we then get another 2 second scene of Eve touching herself and the only real new content being finally a quick shot of her topless for like a second and then finally all the girls posing statically together. In total this whole segment is only 35 seconds long and a good portion of it are static images. This is why I included the full scene with no cuts in that one webm to show how short it is.

This should had been the highlight of the episode beating even the Norn part as it had all the makings to be a good way to end the show. We have all the girls gathered including one who has been gone for most the show and brought back so she can get some new content. And on top of which is all original content so they could go crazy with it. Instead we are left with a mere 35 seconds predominantly consisting of static images. And the only one getting fucked is someone we already have seen fucked multiple times before. Why was Kureha even brought back for this if she was going to get scraps. The only new “decent” thing we got of her was that double paizuri scene which is only two seconds. The part with her and Setsuna scissoring with Keyaru’s dick is just a static image and the orgy part just has her getting oral which we already had seen before in her one and only scene earlier. That is to say nothing of Norn being pretty much ignored in this other than a kiss and her static non movement in the orgy really present.

Seriously this whole scene is a let down with maybe the only redeeming feature being Eve nudity finally but it’s like a second static image at that. What makes this worse is that the episode still has a few minutes left so there is no reason they couldn’t cut what remains in that time to instead extend this scene especially since the remaining content is primarily anime original and only serves a purpose of giving people hope for a season 2 which hasn’t been decided on yet. The show should had ended shortly after this orgy part to end on a high note. It should had been at least a few minutes long and consisted of each girl getting fucked for at least a few seconds in multiple different positions. What a waste.

The scene should had played out going though each girl in order: First show Flare getting fucked for a bit then Setsuna, then Kureha, then Norn, and then loop it back to the start again with Flare in a different position then Setsuns likewise and then Kureha and so forth and do this till each girl has been rotated multiple times. Then maybe end it on a decent length everyone at once scene. Hell alternatively do the smart thing and have each of the four girls getting fucked separately in each position one after another. Have the first round be an individual scene of each of the four girls fucked missionary then for the second loop show an individual scene of each one fucked cowgirl and then finally doggy. That would allow each girl to had been seen in each of the three main positions this way regardless of which you prefer and what character you prefer you would had gotten what you wanted. But no instead we get 35 seconds of static images and disappointment.

Afterwards Keyaru thinks about how now that Norn has disappeared the kingdom will probably send Bullet to try and find out what happened as we see meanwhile Bullet is meeting with the king. As they go to leave the city Keyaru tells them he got another raptor for them to use and that their next goal is to get the philosopher’s stone. He tells everyone to wait for him outside the city while he takes care of some stuff. They don’t really go into some details here like the WN does about why he wants to stone and who else might be coming after him.

In the WN he brings up killing the demon lord not only to lure Bullet out so he can get to him but also so he can use the stone to redo things again should he mess up. Those watching the anime only might be able to figure out that was what he wanted the stone for but was strange they didn’t make it clear in the show. Also the WN brings up that not just Bullet but the other 2 great heroes which Hawkeye was a part of would be coming after him as well.

Keyaru visits Karman’s grave and leaves flowers while saying that he has now avenged both Karman and Anna as he leaves. On his way down the street he is stopped by the two guys from the tavern they ate with earlier and he saved in the previous episode as they give him a gift for saving them last episode from the soldiers. As Keyaru takes it and leaves he starts to think about how he has gotten happy now and even though he initially thought of Flare and the others as tools he is starting to think he cares for them. This causes him to panic as he worries that his desire for revenge might be going away. He starts to remember all the things Bullet did to him to remind him of what his goal is so he doesn’t forget and to reignite his need to get revenge on him. Meanwhile Bullet is at his place humping the wall that he has covered in pictures of Keyaru as he says he can’t wait to find him and add him to his collection.

Most of this part is anime original as in the WN Keyaru and the others leave the city right after he gets the second raptor and he doesn’t go to Karman’s grave. As he is leaving the city he looks back at it and says some things about Karman and Anna and how their vengeance has been served instead of the scene we got here. Also the other obvious difference is Kureha is nowhere in these scenes and he even brings up that she is doing things elsewhere.

The part about him worrying his revenge desire is going away still happens in the WN but does so as they are leaving the city. Also during that Keyaru brings up something he initially planned for Flare but didn’t do.

So in the WN we see that he considered whoring Flare around which would had been a good revenge tactic to use on her for the day she gets her memories back and remembers she did all that. But he abandoned that plan since he grew attached to her new form for himself.

Keyaru rejoins all the others as he thinks on how big his group has grown since the start and how even God must be blessing him as he continues to do what is right. He then wonders what the future holds for him and how he can’t wait to see what is next as the show ends.



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Warning a huge amount of reading so skip down to the comments if you don’t want my usual long autism length final thoughts on shows these final posts have. TLDR: Show is the best we have had in long time and pray for a second season or at the very least more shows like it in terms of sexual content.

And we now reach the end. Thankfully this episode gave Norn’s scene a decent length instead of shooting past it as fast as possible like other scenes. The decision to alter a scene near the end to include all the characters was a good one but sadly they dropped the ball on what it delivered. As such the Norn content was the main source of content for the episode and what we end the show on. So with that my final thoughts on the show time I guess (and the long essay that always follows with these). So to start it probably would be best to start with the negative to get that out of the way. I only really took one issue with the show and I brought that up last week and that was how repetitive the service was during the second half of the show by including way too many Flare/Setsuna content and not enough variety. Things like plot points being rushed, characterization being skipped, and things of that nature I can ignore. After all unless a show gets like 50 episodes from the start it won’t be able to include all those things that add to the overall story. The thing is though all of these you can still get by reading the source if you really want so though it may require more work on your part it’s not something you lose for good.

The service on the other hand is something only the anime can deliver and you can’t substitute that by reading the source to the level the anime can deliver like you can with plot details so when it does something like what the second half of the show did it really hurts it. During the first half of the show I looked forward to each new episode to see what we would get service wise but once we got to the halfway point I stopped anticipating because the main object of anticipation was the service but all we could expect during the second half was more of the same stuff we already had seen. The show actually managed to make sex scenes boring by shoving the same threesome pairing at us over and over again. How no one on staff spoke up about how repetitive and tedious these scenes were I have no idea but they seriously needed to be either removed or switched with something else because nothing at all is better than something that actually hurts your interest in it.

The fact that these scenes were so over used also causes the episode to be less memorable as a result. Just to give an example of what I’m talking about consider this. This season I also covered jimihen and even though it ended only like four weeks ago I can’t remember which episode contains what scene. And remember I was doing posts on the show which means I wasn’t just watching it for 5 minutes and that’s it. I was having to make stitches, webms, etc and spent way more time on each episode than the average viewer and I seriously can’t remember what goes to what. Why? Because the whole show was the same girl getting fucked and nothing else and this resulted in all the scenes blending together that I can’t even remember when is what as there was nothing setting them apart enough. Meanwhile Yosuga no Sora was 10 and a half years ago and yet despite being a decade old I can still remember which scene goes to which episode. This is because the show featured multiple different girls getting content and kept it varied enough to leave an impression that stays.

This is what the problem with the second half of this show was it falls more into the category of jimihen in terms of memorable scenes instead of YnS. Just to give another example look at Ishuzoku Reviewers which is now a year old. Chances are the episodes still stand out in your head as the service was different each episode as well as the girls to give each episode something to define it by. Now imagine if like 8 of those episodes featured everyone going to the exact same brothel with the exact same girls. You wouldn’t be able to remember which episode was which. This is to me the biggest and only real flaw I had with this show. The constant same content made the hype for service low and made it feel like a chore and sex scenes should never be a chore to get through. Sure in the final episode we finally get some significantly different content with Norn but the path to get there is filled with repetitiveness first. This really was a flaw that needed to be addressed with the sources writing. These scenes were indeed in the source it’s just they were only one or two lines making them not an issue but when you actually animate them there comes a point when you need to stop and think something that works well in text might not work as well in visual format when it happens that much.

And I’m not the only one that found the Flare/Setsuna content to be repetitive either. Guess who else did? The actual creator of the series.

He points out that since the original novel didn’t have enough service content for each episode they had to rely on the Flare/Setsuna threesomes resulting in the content being monotonous. So even the creator himself considers this a legitimate complaint about the show and how the service content suffered because of how repetitive it was. It doesn’t help that stuff like the leopard girl scene which would had helped mix things up was removed as well.

So what would I had done differently to fix this issue? Simple. Some people hate the idea of these since it’s not considered canon but I will forever be a supporter of imagination/dream scenes and the fact they are so underappreciated and underutilized will always bug me. These give shows the ability to grant content that normally could not be given due to plot reasons. And this was definitely something that could had been used in this show. Due to the plot there were very little they could had done besides the Flare/Setsuna scenes but once you add in stuff like dreams you can work around that.

Eve for example we were never going to get her sex scene due to plot reasons as that happens later on in the story. But they could had given it to us in the form of an imagination scene. Eve was always fingering herself while Flare and Setsuna were fucked and people don’t generally jerk off to nothing they jerk off to self inserting themselves into some scenario using their imagination even when doing things like watching porn. In other words Eve would had been imaging herself getting fucked instead so instead of one of these Flare/Setsuna parts the scene should had focused on Eve and showed us what was happening in her head. Dreams also could work to content advantage when it comes to Kureha. Bringing her back would be an issue for the most part due to plot but there was nothing stopping them from giving us a scene with her in place of Flare/Setsuna and make it seem like it is real only to finish and show it was Keyaru having a dream as he wakes up and questions if he must miss her to have those.

Same thing with Anna. The fact that Leonard even mocks Keyaru asking if he wanted to fuck her could had served as a good psychological trigger in Keyaru’s head to have a dream sometime after her death where he does get to fuck her only to wake up realize it was a dream and swear on his revenge even more. Could even use this to give npcs some content. Could have had a mid show flashback where Keyaru starts to remember the start of his adventure and he goes to the lake only to find out he needs to fuck the sprite/fairy that was there to get his eye power. Obviously we the viewers would know something was up at this point but then when it ends show Keyaru in bed next to a sleeping Flare and Setsuna as he ponders if all the sex he has with them are starting to impact his memories when he sleeps. Same thing with the maids we could had gotten a ptsd nightmare where he remembers a maid gang rape he was put though during those 6 months as we get a bunch of different scenes with various maids.

Assuming their goal was to have a sex scene each episode there are plenty of possibilities they could had used by taking a dream/imagination approach to fulfill that goal without the need of doing repetitive same content with Flare and Setsuna each episode while also not conflicting with the story. Even as I’m typing that I’m starting to piss myself off that they didn’t do this approach because of all the different content we could had gotten each episode making each one stand out from the others.

So with all that said now to focus on the good and there was plenty that the show gave. The first was obviously the addition of nudity not present in even the manga. This is something that really needs to be made the standard for all anime adaptions and so shows should get praised for that. Next the show had the balls to give us on screen sex and animated at that with only a few exceptions. The fact that balls are needed to show on screen sex will forever be bullshit as it should be considered a normal thing that is not stigmatized. Manga has on screen sex far more than anime and can only hope stuff like this helps make it a standard so others start doing it as well in anime. The show was also able to be shown uncensored on atx and didn’t pull some lock the sex scenes behind bds stuff like other shows might had tried to do.

Speaking of BDs the first week’s sales have come out and it sold in total with BD and dvds 3,015 total. Chances are it will rank during the second week as well like IR did last year adding some more copies to that. As for if that is enough to get a second season is hard to say since there are different factors. But if you want a positive comparison consider that Isekai Maou sold around half that for it’s first week and we got a second season of that starting next week. Also the creator did comment on a possibility of a second season as well.

In other words a second season hasn’t been decided on yet which is no surprise as something like this is unlikely to get right at the end a confirmation of a second season before they start taking a closer look at LN sale increases, BDs, merchandise, etc before deciding. But according to him it sounds like the idea of a second season has been considered so it’s not off the table but seems to be a wait and see approach where they are probably going to wait and see in collective how well everything tied to the series has did when things calm down before they decide on what to do next. The show covered up through volume 3 of the LN and currently there are 9 released so they certainly don’t need to wait for more content to do a second season.

Hopefully this does come to pass and we get a second season eventually since not only does the plot allow for more variety in scenes but the creator acknowledging the repetitiveness of the Flare/Setsuna stuff means that chances are the issues the show had won’t be a problem in a hypothetical second season. Would also be nice if they made an original ova in the meantime especially since said ova would be able to focus on something fully original. They wouldn’t really address any plot in something like that so seeing what they would do in a presumably more lighthearted ova that focuses only on service content would be interesting. Funny enough the manga artist made a joke today about an ova where Flare gets her memories back due to an accident but remember this was an april fools joke by him and not real so don’t let anyone trick you.

Some people don’t like Keyaru because of what he does but I personally like having leads that don’t follow the standard personality traits we see in so many things. Villains are almost always more interesting than the heroes so having a main character that serves as an antihero does grant the benefit of at least having someone that’s not run of the mill or plain. So seeing more shows with leads that aren’t fully pure and good is something I would like to see happen more often. Hopefully from a plot standpoint this is something the show influences others to do. To adapt works where the main character might not necessarily be a completely clean character or is willing to do some non hero like tactics in order to get what he wants.

From a service standpoint hopefully this show encourages others to go to the lengths this show did in what it shows and includes. Maybe it will encourage others to start adapting more adult manga into anime or adapt works that contain a high amount of on screen sex and actually keep it in. As long as stuff like this proves to be financially successful we could finally start seeing an era where on screen sex stops being as much of a rarity in anime like it has been for so long. This show setting off new eras of shows would be the best thing that could happen but as to what that era that would be is anyone’s guess. Could we see more works with leads like Keyaru and darker plots and adult content or would we start seeing more ecchi works with higher sexual content get made instead. Both would be a nice thing to witness. As much service as there was in the show it still wasn’t really a pure ecchi by any means. This was more along the lines of something like Game of Thrones in which we get nudity and sex but there is an actual plot involved and is more of a focus than the service. So seeing a pure ecchi with little plot adapted that has the balls this show did when it comes to the sexual aspect would be a sight to see.

When it comes to series similar to this in terms of a non traditional main character and darker setting I would really like to see Maou no Hajimekata or Himekishi ga Classmate get adaptions one day especially Hajimekata. Even something something like Parallel Paradise would be nice to see as well when it comes to a fantasy world with sexual content. As for an ongoing pure ecchi series that would really benefit from having the balls that this show did in terms of sexual content I will continue to hope for Adamasu no Majotachi to get adapted some day. There are so many more manga out there that could finally start getting adapted if more companies start jumping in to take the same initiative that stuff like Healer and Ishuzoku Reviewers did in not shying away from sexual content. And hopefully more do and we get an era of ecchi shows that consist of more than just bath scenes or clothing destruction.

As for Healer I would put it way up there on the list of good shows with service. Though it may not be the greatest because of it’s flaws I still would place it in the upper tier of shows especially compared to other stuff we usually get. Others may hate it because of it’s content but for those that like it that content is what really makes it stand out. It’s not without flaws but it was still the best show in terms of extreme content we have gotten recently. Stuff like this only comes around rarely but ever so slightly maybe we are starting to see a change in this kind of content being more frequent. Last year we had IR and this year we have Healer and we also have World’s End Harem coming up eventually as well. So perhaps things are changing and we won’t have to wonder when the next show on this level will be as they start to become more common.

In the meantime I suggest anyone that did like this show to read the WN which you can easily find translations of online as it really helps expand on the story some things that the anime didn’t have time for. If all text isn’t your thing there is also the manga but the catch is the manga is only very slightly ahead of where the show finished so you won’t have much new stuff but the WN has quite a bit and it would give you an idea on what to expect should we get a season 2 some day. And with that now on to Isekai Maou next week.

Ultimately my favorite episode is probably episode 1 due to my love of reverse rape. Plus that maid was the best looking girl in the show but that is probably because I prefer older woman rather than the younger ones that make up most harems. Really need more shows with older women and ideally older aggressive women that reverse rape. Also I think this post has the most text I have ever done holy shit I need to put a warning. The amount of work these posts took was crazy as well. Thankfully Isekai next week shouldn’t be as much when I do those posts.