Domestic Girlfriend Fanservice Review Episode 01

All things considered, not bad.  Not bad at all.


The episode starts off with a flash forward where we see a young man and woman lying in bed together naked.  A male voice narrates, explaining that he had just lost his virginity to this girl.

The story then rewinds a bit.  Apparently MC-kun (Natsuo) meets a girl (Rui) at a party.  Rui seems anti-social and slightly odd, but when she asks Natsuo to leave the party and go to her place, he feels like it’s something he should do, even though he has a crush on a different woman, his young teacher Hina.

Rui then propositions Natsuo for sex, explaining that she wanted a (good looking) virgin like him and not some smooth womanizer for what we assume is her first time.  Natsuo hesitates, but sensing the rarity of the opportunity, is eventually convinced to agree.  So they have sex.

Rui tells Natsuo after that their hookup has to be a secret, and that from then on they’ll be strangers even if they meet again.


Natsuo lives with his widower father- Natsuo’s mother had died a decade before.  His father tells Natsuo that he plans to remarry.  When introduced to his father’s would be bride and her family, there is a surprise.  She has two daughters: and they are of course both Hina and Rui.  The group of five all move in together under one roof, hence the title of the anime.



Hina never overtly hits on Natsuo, but she is often pretty careless about how much skin she shows off, and at other times seems to be in a low key flirt mode, despite rumors of her having a boyfriend.


Overall Thoughts:


This was about as good a debut as this anime could have had.  The art and production looks great, about the same production levels as Strike the Blood, if not better.  The characters look slightly different than from the manga, but they still look great.  A lot of the character situations play better in the anime I think, in the manga they seem a bit more contrived and overly dramatic, in the anime everything is low key and feels just right.

Obviously, there isn’t a ton of fanservice, but there’s enough there for the MC to feel seduced, and for the audience to feel it as well.

In an interesting twist, the two main girls are voiced by High School DxD veterans.  Rui is voiced by Maaya Uchida who does the voice of Irina in DxD.  Hina is voiced by the fabulously talented Yoko Hikasa, who of course does the voice of Rias in DxD.

The sex scene happens off camera, though there is some cropping for breasts and butt that may potentially be redrawn on BD if they want to.

In addition to the news about there being some special extra scenes on DVD for a manga bundle in March, there’s also this tweet to consider:



The interesting bit, translated:


I wonder if you know it? On January 18th I will have one episode (adding bags and scenes) and a two-story precedent screening! One episode! That scene! Drawn in more detail! The scene was added version! ! Please bring your nosebleed tissue and come over! ! (^ ^)


So it sounds like the first two episodes will get a theater showing, with an extra sex scene added in.

While this doesn’t guarantee an explicit (or at least, nude) sex scene, given the nature of the manga, it seems somewhat likely.  Also, a useful comment made yesterday said that cards given out to promote the series had nipples shown on them.  These are all good signs.

Anyway, hopefully this series doesn’t drop the ball, because it looks terrific and the first episode was a lot more enjoyable than I expected going in.  Diomedia is no stranger to gorgeous looking, quality anime, but I didn’t really expect them to be up to the task for such an adult oriented show.  So far though, they’ve done a great job.