Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism Fanservice Review Episodes 9-10

Time to solve some mysteries! And be unsurprised by the lackluster fanservice for the coming episodes.

Uh… where were we again? Yeah, been more than a year since the last review for this series. Long story short, the MC made up with his best gal (both the girls and the guy) friends, and has four of his stamps now. Just one more to go until he can get his precious freedom. Oh, enough plot synopsis. That’s not what we came here for. Too bad though, the fanservice here is disappointingly bland. You might as well skim over it, or not bother. Though I do have an update regarding episode three, which I’ll go over more about at the end (amongst the walls of text, hehe). There are some bath scenes with little-to-no fog in the episode (no nipples ofc, but nice ass shots), so I’d recommend that to make up for this article. Also, if it helps, you have cute anime girls. Who doesn’t love cute anime girls, right? Please don’t skip my article… ;_;

Before I forget, in episode 9, we search for a wig thief, and then things go dark when the MC’s frenemy (Amou) starts to make her move. Then we get anime girls getting injured and stuff. I mean, my current fav girl (after Amou) Warabi gets it worse. Amon’s really not one to take things lightly, I’ll tell you that much. Hence why she’s a yandere. But I can’t say I don’t like her as a character, despite how cruel and selfish her character may be. In episode 10, we have her continue dominating the Supreme Five Swords. In Fire Emblem Heroes terms, she’d be that armored unit with distant counter, really high defense and resistance, and really anything that makes her attack stat OP. Man, I kinda want to get Legendary Tiki, her stats themselves are pretty balanced. Just imagining the potential with that… Anyways, enjoy (well, if you can)!

Episode 9 (credits to ScissorMeTimbers):

Hehe, not like this, Warabi… Not the fucking drill-hair…

Haha, this shot looks so ridiculous. We can’t even see the lower half of her body. And no way would it get covered by her sister’s body. Probably should’ve mentioned earlier that they’re related. I don’t want to say too much, so I’ll leave it at that.

Love how badass this shot looks, with Warabi’s cape, and her trying to keep standing by using her sword.


Episode 9 stitches (credits to ScissorMeTimbers):

Love the way this stitch turned out. Beautiful…

 Oh god… It’s too hideous…

Episode 9 WebMs:


Album Link


Episode 10 (credits to ScissorMeTimbers):

Episode 10 stitches (credits to ScissorMeTimbers):

Episode 10 WebMs:
The webms for this episode were made from the 1080p BD, so I apologize in advance for the sudden shift in quality for the webms between episodes.

Album Link


Time to write the conclusion. Done. Cya. Oh, I left some info on the bottom pertaining webms, webm album links, and an update to episode 3 (added webms from the BD basically, as well as 2 from the TV source), though it’s also me rambling, so you can choose whether or not to read it. Here’s a webm of a scene from episode 3 (from the BD) to share a sample:


I don’t keep up with articles on the site as much, so I don’t know if everyone’s already aware of this news by now (my guess would be IHaveNoName already covered this news in one of his articles, but I’ll cover it again for anyone that doesn’t already know). The Webm albums in gfycat underwent a few changes over the past couple of months. They still operate more-or-less the same, however, the links for the albums are now different. For that reason, I should note that album links from articles older than three months(as of December 2018) (I’m using one of the album links of my previous Dusk Maiden of Amnesia article as a reference point, since those links were faulty as well) may not be functional, unless the writer went ahead and updated them.

With that in mind, the webm album links for my previous articles should be fixed by now. As for the Occult; Nine Episode 1 Webms… I didn’t originally make an album for the webms, but since I’m going back through my stuff, I may as well do it now. I know I should’ve made webms for episode 1 of Keijo (or other episodes, for that matter), but since I started reviewing that show when still learning the ropes on how to make media, and since I don’t want to go back to make webms for the episode due to a lack of sexual motivation (the BD specials that I’ve yet to cover are still fair game, of course), I’ll leave it be.

Although I updated the webm album links, I did not make any adjustments to the shortcodes (I’ll discuss what’s wrong with them in the next paragraph), so the articles may not be very user-friendly on older devices/OS’es (speaking from personal experience on that one). Actually, I don’t think the new gfycat API endpoint (basically what gfycat changed for the webm player) makes the webms very compatible with older devices. Which means I can no longer look at articles without updating the iOS on my phone to the latest one (which I obviously won’t do, lol). What a pain in the ass…

Oh, also, the webms hosted by gfycat via shortcode (how we usually display the webms on our articles) now have a shitty appearance, with the view count always showing up at the bottom (really unnecessary when someone’s just trying to view the webms by themselves), alongside a white bar. I wouldn’t have cared if this was only the case for the direct link method (what we used when the shortcode momentarily went to shit, or what some writers use still), but not being able to exclude the white bar and viewcount on webms from the shortcode is really annoying when all I care to see is the webm itself.

Man, oh man, was it satisfying to make  episode 10’s webms in 1080p. I was getting irked by the quality drop in the scenery on some of them, with some visible artifacts on the video, but with 1080p, it got somewhat better. At least now I can watch my webms from this show less painfully.

Oh, before I forget, I did plan to list out the BD changes (fog removal, etc.), but since I didn’t get very far with that, I might do it in the next review instead. Don’t expect much, though. I didn’t find any BD comparisons anywhere online either, so I’m assuming the most we got was fog removal during bath scenes. I’ll be listing out the changes, and updating the respective episode articles with the new media from the BD if  it’s significantly different.

Oh, but I did update episode 3 (just the webms.) So enjoy. It’s just less fog, so not really worth checking out unless you were fond of the blonde French girl with the rapier (Mary). Oh, but it means EVERYTHING to me because I FUCKING FINALLY got this one bath house webm right (the first one). Like, fucking 720p makes for some ass webms when it comes to stuff like steam or low brightness in the scene. These create artifacts on the webm, and make it look blurry at places. YES, I’m petty enough to literally not make webms for an entire episode just to get that webm (and a few other ones) right when the BDs become available online. Granted, there was another episode with an entire fight being held by the bath house, but that would be too much work to bother with (unless they lessened/removed the steam from certain scenes.)

I couldn’t get Enkidu in FGO. I tell myself it’ll be better next time around, but all I’ve got to show after a year of playing is two 5-stars. I’d like to be optimistic, but my luck (and being strictly F2P) doesn’t help my case. Like, I don’t need any other 5-stars, just Enkidu, and I’ll be set (and hopefully stay that way). Anyways, I hope the best for any other fellow FGO players with their rolls. Hope you get your waifu(s)/husbando(s). Oh, and share a little of your luck with me if you can afford to, hehe.