Domestic Girlfriend Fanservice Review Episodes 6,7,8

There isn’t a lot of service, but you get the feeling that this series is building up to something intense by the end.


Episodes 6, 7, and 8 cover almost as much material as the first five episodes combined, going from chapter 17 all the way to the end of chapter 33. Actually, that’s not quite true because the anime skips over a school camping trip arc (chapters 25-28).

I have some bad news with regards to nude scenes- there’s only two nude scenes from chapters 17-33, and both occur during the camping trip that’s cut from the anime.  This continues an established trend of only keeping nude scenes that are intractable from the plot.

Further, there is a major plot revelation that occurs in that trip, which has so far been omitted from the anime (Hina’s former boyfriend divorces his wife, perhaps in veiled hopes of winning Hina back).  Though with only 4 episodes left, and the upcoming chapters strongly hinting at a Natsuo x Hina ending to the anime, it actually makes sense that they would remove this detail to make the ending feel more concrete.

There’s no nude scenes to report these past three weeks, though there were some sexy moments.


Episode 6



Episode 7



Rui tries to bury her feelings for Natsuo, insisting that she just wants to kiss him from time to time only because it feels good.  She slowly is becoming aware of her feelings towards him, and is only kidding herself, but not for much longer.



Yep, that’s Hina flickin the bean.  I’m actually a little surprised this scene was kept in the anime.

It’s also worth mentioning that Natsuo happens to witness this happening through the doorway, and it’s NOT Natsuo’s name she moans while doing it.


Episode 8





Rui begins to lose control of her willpower, and starts to actively seduce Natsuo.  Natsuo truly does have a heart for Hina I think, but he’s also a high school aged male, so I can buy that he’d have a moment of weakness here.  Maybe he even has a little bit of feelings for Rui too.

Naturally, Hina sees it this time, and it sets off some fairly major story implications, with Hina leaving the house for good.


Overall Thoughts:


Even with some omissions in the anime, the story here remains wholly compelling.  There’s a tangled web of love triangles here that doesn’t leave the characters or audience with easy answers.  As if romantic love isn’t complicated enough, the sister dynamic (choosing between hurting your sister or being miserable as she takes your lover away from you) is gripping stuff.  Some good writing lends a sense of emotional authenticity to it all despite a setup that sounds like it’s ripped straight from Jerry Springer.  You really care about what happens next. You forget you’re watching an anime.  And I think that helps make the sex scenes to come seem even more powerful, at least for me it does.

This show is definitely worth a casual watch, just don’t expect a lot of service.  In fact, every disposable nude scene from the manga has been cut in the anime, only the essential (potential) nude scenes have been kept in.  But I think that’s fine in this case, I think they are trying to set up the sex scene at the end to feel as epic as possible.

What really matters at this point is that the anime makes it to chapter 54.5 where Hina and Natsuo have a much teased breakthrough in their relationship, which is followed by them having sex three times in a row.  Will this amazing sex scene make it into the anime?  Maybe not, but I think given that the back seven episodes are all setting it up, it would be a huge mistake to not include it.

There’s two other possible nude scenes in the last four episodes, but one of them occurs in a side arc regarding the lady killer teacher character, which is probably getting cut from the anime due to lack of time.  The other nude scene is a Rui bath scene, I think that makes it in, but we probably won’t see much until the fireworks at the end both literally and figuratively (You’ll see).

Anyway, do yourself a favor and watch this show, it’s actually pretty great.