Ulysses – Jeanne d’Arc to Renkin no Kishi TV Fanservice Review Episode 10:

Where are we now?! Why is there suddenly star-ships starts appearing? XD

Hello everyone!! The review has to continue in order to finish this anime. In this episode, Montmorency was finally a character that looked so cool, but he’s still a disappointment in this anime. XD While the French army is retreating from the giant monster that appears from the sky, Montmorency tries to stop it but the monster enters his body and possess him.

As a result, Montmorency turns into a monster that looks like a super saiyan 4 in Dragon Ball. XD Astaroth offers herself to the monster to spare the people there but it wasn’t enough for him. XD  In order to stop these so-called Gods (which is however implied being aliens from another world and creators of the human race) from threatening the humans, La Hire decides to become a Ulysses by using the sword Joyouse to gain Ulysses powers.

After a fight with the monster, La Hire was able to bring back Montmorency consciousness. But it wasn’t for long until the monster takes control of him again.

After La Hire was defeated, Jeanne woke up and still able to transform into a Ulysses again. She battled the monster to bring Montmorency back. However, the monster put Montmorency back to sleep by him visions of the future, where Montmorency sees the fate of Jeanne awaiting in Rouen.

In overall, this is a very saddening episode not only in terms of story but also fanservice. (T_T) Hopefully the producers can really do something in the BD to make the fanservice of this anime even better. That’s all for the fanservice review of this episode and we hoped that you guys are still sticking with this anime. (^_^) Thanks for reading everyone, see ya!!