Looking to Donate?


Making videos and site content every day has been a blast.  But web hosting and file sharing services haven’t been exactly free.

I don’t want anything that you can’t spare, but if you do happen to have a few extra bucks and feel like supporting the site, please head over to the Fapservice area at Patreon.



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If you really liked a video and were looking for a tip jar or are only looking to make a one time donation via paypal-logo, shoot me an email at [email protected] with the amount you wish to donate in the subject line.

paypal-logo takes a larger cut from smaller donations, so donations of $10 or more would be ideal.

If you don’t want to donate, that’s cool too.  Just by being here, you are helping to make the community more active and interesting.  If you want ideas for other ways to help, read this.

That said, I am not a person of means and the donations do make a big difference.  Not only to help pay for the server costs, but also to buy manga scans for hard to find ecchi manga to use in compilation projects.

Many thanks to those who have donated in the past, it honestly helps more than you know.