A donations page has been added to the basic menu


You can spot it on the upper right corner.  Or click here.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me about having a donation link on the front page for a while now, probably a year or so.  So sorry about procrastinating so damn long.  : )

I also updated the Patreon page to be a bit more current.

I figured I’d set a goal since that’s pretty much what everyone else does.  The current monthly upkeep cost is less than $100, but it’s also about triple what it was in January before I had to move to site to a safer, better, more expensive hosting service.  As time goes on and the site grows, costs will go up.  But the current monthly goal should be fine for the next couple years I figure.

The donation page replaces the now useless project updates page.  You can find all project updates and release information at my twitter handle, Wizardofecchi.

The financial help is definitely needed, but I know that it’s not for everyone.  If you want to help fapservice without spending money, here are a few things you can do:


Make comments.

The more comments, the more alive this place feels.  No need to be shy.  ಞ(ల˙◡˙ల)ಞ

Vote on comments and/or videos.

Voting is fun and it helps add a little buzz to the content.

Donate some time to make a manga fanservice compilation that hasn’t been posted yet.

(We strongly prefer ecchi manga that leave less to the imagination, if you catch my drift.  Nipples are good, if you don’t).

Donate scans for nude ecchi manga that are otherwise impossible to find.

Even if it isn’t processed as a compilation, I’d still love to have it.  You’d be amazed how many top notch ecchi manga never reach file sharing sites.

And if you have a burning desire for all things ecchi and don’t mind spending some time every week:

Volunteer to join the Fapservice team.

Usually a couple weeks before the start of every anime season I’ll have a season preview on the site.  It’s at that time I’ll ask for recruits if anyone is interested in blogging a series or contributing in other ways.  This is only for those who love ecchi and aren’t afraid to put some time in.


Thanks to everyone that has helped pay the bills and to all those who have donated their time.  Without your help this place wouldn’t be half as good and my life would be twice as frantic.