Doukyuusei 2 fanservice compilation [UPDATED]

Due to family circumstances, Kondou Makoto is living with his childhood girlfriend Narasawa Yui, and her mother. Although Yui is obviously attracted to him, he remains oblivious and pursues the numerous girls who conveniently cross his path.

[UPDATE1] By reader request, this comp has been re-upped and the blog post has been updated. delmogeny may have retired a long time ago but his fanservice compilations still continue to be popular… And a big tip of the cap to @Rcmaniac10 for having saved this comp for posterity! It was a big help!! Thanks!!!

Doukyuusei is a series of adult dating sims by ELF Corporation. The original Doukyuusei released in 1992 for the NEC PC-9801 and is generally considered by many to be the first dating simulation. It was followed up with the sequels Doukyuusei 2 and Kakyuusei, both of which were also very successful. In 1996 production on an adaptation of Doukyuusei 2 began overseen by KSS (Also produced Golden Boy, Idol Project, and Variable Geo). Character Designs were handled by Rin Sin (Character Designer for all anime productions of Queen’s Blade and Ikkitousen) 12 episodes were released over the next 2 years. A sequel in 1999 titled Doukyuusei 2 Special: Sotsugyousei consisting of 3 episodes.


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