Jimihen!! Jimiko wo Kaechau Jun Isei Kouyuu fanservice review episode 3

Avoid the beach and acquire a glasses girl.


Like last week this episode’s extra length is around 2 minutes and 15 seconds in the r18 version. We also get some swimsuit service for Rie this week as well.


The company is having a gathering at the beach but due to an injury Hachiya is stuck inside the boss’s car while everyone else plays. Rena also decided to stay in the car along with him having blamed herself for the injury he took even though he says to himself it was his fault since he wasn’t paying attention due to trying to avoid her like he decided to do last episode.


When he tries to get Rena to leave the car she asks why and he tell’s her because of how she is dressed he might start doing something to her. She says she is fine with that and if he wants to do it they can as he says he was only joking resulting in her getting disappointed. He asks if she really did want to do something but even if she did they can’t due to everyone being able to see them from the beach. Rena then crawls to him and says as long as she stays low no one will see as she starts sucking his dick. In the all ages version you get the following in place of that scene,,.

The episode then matches up both versions at this point though the all ages version ends shortly after this skipping the rest of the sex scene about to happen.


As Rena is sucking him they hear a knock and see Rie has come by to tell them that the food is ready and for Rena to come help her. Hachiya says she went to the bathroom and that he will stay in the car and wait for her and they will come down to eat then. Rie says okay as she goes to leave.

There was something removed here that was in the manga which has me wondering if this will have any plot alterations later as a result. In the manga Rie makes a comment as she is leaving that since it is the boss’s car they better clean up when done. This causes Hachiya to panic realizing that she probably knows what was really going on in there. The reason this is important is because it foreshadows that Rie knows the truth about them and this fact results in her rivalry with Rena as she wants Hachiya for herself as well. Since they removed this line it hopefully doesn’t mean they plan on removing this aspect of her character as doing so would lower the chances of them adapting the chapter with her imagination scene in it. Maybe they are just planning on doing something else with her but I figured it being worth pointing out because possible implications it could have.

On another not the all ages version pretty much ends here and skips right to the office scene that occurs at the end of the episode. So the following is more only r18 version content.

It feels like I already made this same webm a few days ago with healer hero. This must be the week of fucking with bottoms on.

After Rie has left, Rena says she can’t wait anymore as she starts to fuck Hachiya. He notices how different she is and that it doesn’t feel like she is doing this just for the sake of fucking. She tells him she has been worried ever since he started to ignore her and wanted to do something about it. Hachiya then starts to wonder if it is him that she cares about and not just as someone to fuck. After they finish it skips ahead to the next day at the office which results in skipping the scene from the manga in which they both freak out having realized he just blew cum all over their boss’s car and run to clean it up. At work the boss asks Hachiya if he has any feelings for Rena. He says he doesn’t and that Rena isn’t his type and he would rather have Rie instead. He notices his boss looking shocked at something behind him as he turns around and sees that Rena heard what he said as the episode ends.



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Next week we will be halfway done and we will reach the point that I figured would had been the best place to end the show on but we still have 4 episodes left after that. Next week will be an office scene and the main plot point of their relationship that kind of gets resolved. Since we reached this part so quick I’m assuming they will continue to go further into the manga but how far is the question. Overflow took an original episode approach after resolving some main plot details for it’s remaining episodes so this could do the same or they will just keep adapting more chapters from the source.

Since they always give a pv image we should know next episode what direction they will go for the second half be it original content, skipping chapters in order to adapt later ones or an all original approach.

A lot of chapters after the plot point next week is resolved feature her without her glasses. I really hope they just take an original episode format instead of adapting these as the main appeal in the show is going to vanish for the second half then.