Fanservice Compilation re-ups, 1st edition

This is long overdue, but better late than never.

A while back, we went through a rocky patch were it seemed like every video streamer we tried ended up removing our videos (or went out of business completely).  Then Nyaa torrents died and for a few weeks it wasn’t totally clear what would happen on that front either.  We won’t go into the gory details but suffice to say, reposting all these videos is something that takes a ton of time, and we didn’t want to start doing it until we felt pretty good about how stable the new torrent and streaming sites would be.  At this point, it’s pretty well established that the new Nyaa isn’t likely to implode, or that openload is going to pull shenanigans the way that Dailymotion or Vidme did.  So we’re going to start the process of reuploading the entire catalogue.

This will take a ton of time and will be done in small increments from time to time.  For now we’re uploading Wizard’s videos but after that’s complete we may re-upload Delmogeny’s videos too, or at least the ones we still have access to.

I hope you all enjoy these new streamed links, and be sure to help seed these torrents too if you can!

These updates will be alphabetical and get front page attention so that everyone knows.  Today’s first edition covers Agent Aika and Aika Zero.








The original pages for these compilations have been updated for these new links as well.  The goal will be to have at least one of these updates a week, maybe as many as three posts per week, until all the pages are updated properly.

Thank you to everyone that helps seed long term.