Pastel Memories Fanservice Review Episode 4

Basketball and passion… some spats and gym clothes too…

Another episode of Pastel Memories comes and… here we are…

The protagonists of this episode are Komachi, Saori and Rei… these ones…

…and the focus will be “Mini-basket“, the in-universe copycat of “Ro-Kyu-Bu!“.

So, today’s fetish will be roughly spats, buruma and girls running around with a ball, I guess…

Anyway, all starts from Komachi that, being hamster-brain, goes around taking photos of things she likes because otherwise she will forget them. All’s well until she stumbles on a kid playing alone at the local park, the little girl is stressed because her friends suddenly forgot about some beautiful novel that had made them love basketball, and so they don’t even go to the park anymore…

(ok, taking photos and all, but I’m pretty sure you could get arrested for this…)

Easy. Komachi goes back to the cafe and instead than working skips around trying to find this novel… helped by the improvident genious Saori (nickname “Hakase” , doctor / professor, since she have the knack for inventing strange things).

(which wonders will she take out from there?)

They end up finding the novel, luckily, and it comes out that Mini-basket is about a hot-blooded high-schooler teaching basketball to a group of elementary students.

The concept is a bit concerning, but apparently it’s all safe and sound (probably?).

Turns out that the novels are so good Komachi actually starts crying over them and when, moments later the Black Elites (apparently, this is the name of the evil guys) attack the world of Mini-basket, Komachi jumps in animated by sacred fury.

In this world, obviously they end up in the (grade) school of the novel’s protagonists, a thing that apparently makes both Komachi and Saori really happy.

(again, don’t go around taking photos without consent, you could get arrested)

Regular as a clockwork, the viruses attack, trying to eat the kids (there should be male kids around, too, but they are invisible). Komachi & co. make short work of them, until Maya makes her way to the gym. Declaring her hate for girls younger than her (reason she can’t find a man, apparently), she challenge the three to a basketball match, mocking them to not be up to it.

And they accept.

It’s actually a wonder why they don’t just cut her down when there’re not strong viruses around, but I suppose is the same etiquette that makes bad guys patiently wait until magical girls complete their transformations…

Less than 3 hours to the match, and the girls discover they don’t know anything about basket.

(here a sneaky ball evades Komachi skillful legwork)

Luckily for them, the hot-blooded coach of this story just randomly comes in searching for his players. Persuading him to help is hard but Saori happens to say the one thing that makes him put his very soul on the line of this match (she’s a genious, after all…)

Soooo, time for a “Memorial Change” (that this time put all of them in some gym clothes…) and let’s start with some -debatable- training for 3 long hours, followed by a brief shower that doesn’t show us much… but I guess is still better than nothing.

And so the match begins.

Against any common sense, the teaching of the pervert hot-blooded coach are succesfull and our heroines skillfully manage to show us their booties tightly wrapped in gym clothes  best their opponents (a group of viruses created on the very purpose of playing basket), even if in the end it becomes apparent that Maya’s team was cheating all the time.

(No one expected this, right?)

(this virus was stopped by the amazing skills of Saori, obviously…)

Anyway, it all goes down to the usual giant-beating stuff, and they win, with the complete and unconditional happiness of the pervert hot-blooded coach, happy that his pupils will be okay…

(he is full of pure and legitimate motives, I swear)

And so… back to the real world, where Komachi finds that while they were sweating, running around and kicking virus, all the girls of the Rabbit’s Shed read the Mini-basket novels and are now ecstatic about it…

(Rei is thinking that, of couse, the girls back at the cafe could’ve actually worked rather than reading things all afternoon… seriously, how do they even manage to pay the rent if no one ever works here?)


What follows next is a Happy Ending epilogue with the child from the start of the episode that can now play basket again with her friends.

(Komachi will get arrested one day, mark my words).


All the jiggling courtesy of Saori.

Overall thoughts: As the one before, this episode is mildly fun if you actually watched the series it parodies. We also keep getting cleavage-shots, some jiggling and tight clothes here and there, but really, not that much. Unfortunately the quality of the fanservice and of the actual graphic also keeps being steadily average… or worse.

Stitches courtesy of ScissorMeTimbers.