Araiya-san Ore to Aitsu ga Onnayu de gets a PV



Lewd back washing.


Yesterday a PV for next season’s r18 rated show was released. The importance of this title is that unlike most of the others which were based on josei titles this one falls into the same category as Joshi Ochi from this past summer in which the material is aimed at men rather than women.





An interesting thing to note is that the pv on the comic festa website actually has an extra frame of showing the scene with a bunch of girls naked with ducks covering them which isn’t in the youtube version. Guess that is how they will censor the normal broadcast version but that won’t be an issue for the r18 online version of course.


Since there are translations for the source material called “Traditional Job of Washing Girls’ Body” you can read the story now before the show airs if you want to get an idea on the plot ahead of time. In case you haven’t read it though the story is that the main character lives with his grandfather who runs a bathhouse and his grandfather also has the role of a back washer for those who come in. One day at school during lunch a news story on the place is shown on tv as everyone is watching it and the main character’s classmates learn about the place. Later that day his grandfather injures his back and the main character has to take on the role of back washer instead to help the business. On that day the girl’s volleyball team from his class comes to visit having seen that news story and believing it will make them skinnier. Main character then disguises himself as he goes to wash the girls without being found out. During this he also learns that the tsundere girl that always hits him in reality likes him after overhearing her and the volleyball captain talk. Both of them eventually find out his secret of being the back washer and both start to compete for his attention while they keep their relationships a secret from their classmates. Insert some r18 stuff into the mix and there you go.

Though this is only the second for men r18 show it also is the first on another front. As you can guess from reading that description the characters are in school not college. The main character mentions at the start of being a first year at the school so obviously this means 10th grade in japan. Usually these shows all featured characters in their 20s in college or after with the exception being omiai but even in that case the guy was a senior in highschool and probably held back a few years so he was still adult age. So it seems like they are starting to go into other territory now with these shows and are not restricting them to college age people only now (hoping this means they move onto a show about older mature women as well someday).

The studio for this is Magic Bus whom previously did Skirt which I covered┬áback when it aired in summer 2017 so you can look at that show to get an idea on their work. They also did that one prison r18 show from last spring as well which I didn’t cover if you want another example (and they did the current yaoi one but you probably don’t want to look at that for an example). The staff is also pretty much the same from Skirt with the same director as well. The only downside to Magic Bus doing this is the extended length of the r18 version. I did not watch the prison one or the current yaoi one but based on what they did with Skirt it was only a minute of extra content each episode. Mind you it has been almost 2 years now so maybe that isn’t applicable now. But unlike Joshi Ochi in which studio Ark went all out providing huge amounts of extra content for each episode of the r18 version I am not expecting the same thing here with Magic Bus based on their history with Skirt. Hoping I’m wrong and we get more than a minute of extra content each episode but my initial expectations are only going to be on a minute.

Here are some images from the source material to give you an idea on what to expect. Keep in mind this is a webcomic so instead of being a single page it has that long vertical receipt type format like it came out of a fruit by the foot wrapper (and now I want a version of fruit by the foot sold with porn comics on it after saying that). As a result I only included two pages from the actual source so you can see how the format is and why I didn’t include individual pages (the volume release comes out next week and is in manga format version though). Instead I made an image montage by cutting out various panels from other pages and putting them all compiled into a single image so I could fit as much important stuff in as I could. Made a separate image for each of the two main girls, the threesome scene, and then a third featuring the various scenes of the different random girls shown throughout.


Compilation images:


The show starts on April 7th with the uncensored r18 version available online on the same day. Another thing that is really worth taking note of is what Comic Festa did after announcing this title last month. When this was announced they also created a separate twitter account called Comic Festa Men’s and have moved Joshi Ochi stuff over to there along with this new show while the other twitter account is for the female aimed josei and yaoi ones. What does this mean? Simple. The fact that they took the time to create a separate division for these types of shows instead of just grouping them altogether indicates they may have plans to makes these types a regular thing now and needed a way to distinguish them from the others. You wouldn’t need to do that for just one or two titles so the decision to do so most likely means they intend to make more male aimed r18 shows.

This actually makes sense as Joshi Ochi did appear to rank decently on getchu at the time when it was released on BD so chances are it must have been successful like they hoped and now they may be moving onto tapping into the male aimed r18 market. This is good news and is what I had hoped would eventually happen when I covered the josei ones and then it did with Joshi Occhi last year and now with this second show and the creation of a separate twitter account for male shows it seems like we may have some more stuff to look forward to in the future. My guess is we may start seeing rotations with one season being a girl show and the next a male one but who knows. The important thing is that we may start seeing an increases in these male r18 shows which will certainly help when we get empty seasons like this winter. This Spring even though it is dominated by ecchi shorts has three shows we can expect uncensored with this show, Nobunaga, and that kaneko directed teacher show. Plus who knows if there will be other surprises from some other shows mixed in. So we have a much better season on the horizon.

I will continue to await the day I get one of these shows with a glasses girl. And then I will end up raging so hard when we finally do and she ends up taking her glasses off for all the sex scenes. I swear I just get the feeling that will eventually happen. I will finally get the type of show I want and then they will troll the fuck out of me by revealing it was all fake news with the girl never keeping her glasses on during the important parts despite having them on in all the promotional material. My fury would have no end.