Lord Kaneko Returns: A Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? Pre-show

The King of Oppai Ecchi returns to Perversion, what could that mean for the upcoming Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? anime?

Before Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? (hereby known as Teacher Fucker for brevity) airs, lets briefly go over the perverted history of its Chief Director Hiraku Kaneko, and how that history could shape various elements of the upcoming show…

Hiraku Kaneko is a man who helped take animated titties to new heights, pioneering a few “choice” breast-aesthetics which have permeated throughout the industry, and have been used in multiple ecchi like Monster Musume, Triage-X, Bikini Warriors, and High school DxD4.

Notice those fatty, more-realistic titty bouncing “skin” sound effects popping up in ecchi over the past decade? Well, Kaneko brought that good shit to prominence, along with Hoods Entertainment of course.

Kaneko-directed projects all have common traits that you will notice quickly, above-par detail in the titties. From increased highlights and shadows to give breasts a more defined look, to recognizing gravity and its effects on big breast shape, to paying maximum attention to the fluidity of the titty bounce – Kaneko has a clear Tit Signature.

He crafts tits, and respects the in-betweens.

Never forgetting the age old ecchi rule that, “If the naked tits get covered by clothes, give the fans some god damn nipple bumps in their place to hold them over!”

old anime often enforced this rule to great effect

And even when the tits are bakunyuu big, Kaneko always makes sure to make them perkier than a caffeine addict on PCP… unless the point of a specific character was to show a bit of sag, usually for the milf factor.

Over the years Kaneko has worked with ecchi legends like Akio Takami and Uno Makoto, and when they aren’t around to make character designs, he can still make his own.

You love Cattleya?

You love Saki?

You love Lady J?

Those are all Kaneko’s babies.


His resume includes:

  • Seikon no Qwaser
  • Manyuu Hikenchou
  • Kagaku na Yatsura (credited as “Oppai Helper”; to this day he remains the only director to claim that great meme title)
  • HaHa Musume Donburi hentai
  • Maken-Ki II
  • Victorian Maid Maria hentai
  • Valkyrie Drive

and ALL of those perverted projects were created in like a 6-year time span… Incredible.

The man has also helped animate for shows like Witchblade and Eiken (of course).


Now, just what can we “assess” Kaneko will possibly bring to the upcoming Teacher Fucker ecchi?

Well, the man is definitely a milf-lover through and through, and most certainly has a thing for Bakunyuu, Lactation, Breast Expansion and Inverted nipples… yet, Teacher Fucker’s cast really doesn’t have any characters with breasts large enough for Kaneko to experiment and play around with in his usual fashion… and I haven’t seen any of the character’s naked breasts yet, so we don’t even know how much input he’s had in the breast-design department, if any at all.

Nice tit sizes and aesthetic character designs for sure, certainly not bakunyuu, and very much lacking in nipple bumps… but after checking the manga I’ve been reassured these girls have a lot of good scenes to offer.           >if done right<

and I’ve already counted multiple breast sucking scenes in the manga so Kaneko was a great director pick for that reason alone.

nipple bumps are a necessity for me

Unfortunately for you erotica fans it looks like much of the nudity will be in quick fanservicey bits or played for jokes or for embarrassment – meaning no fulfilling long arcs of plot before getting hit with much more meaningful PLOT once the stakes are raised, turning it into something – truly Amazing


Honestly, I think a LOT of this shit depends on just how much creative power Kaneko was given on the project. I know, not much of an answer, but clearly the studios Kaneko is involved with DO have a say in the process, and can effect anything and everything. Kaneko isn’t even the sole director on this project…


While one short PV isn’t much to go by I will say I very much liked the perverted “spirit” of it all, and the light beams on bra-clad girls means nipple bumps for sure in anime which is great. But considering the show’s shorter run time, I got to thinking how big is this show’s budget? Watching the PV’s quick cuts showed me how the visuals go from crisp and very aesthetically pleasing for some scenes to completely stock average the next – and my enjoyment of these “smaller” tits depends GREATLY on the art picking up the slack.

Will there be noticeable drops in quality throughout?

On the brighter side, It’s clear Teacher Fucker has tons of nudity in store for us, so we’ll get content either way. The manga’s art is soft and serviceable. Whether or not the anime content created lives up to Kaneko’s breast legacy in the eyes of the people remains to be seen, especially since the show isn’t really breast “focused” per se.

I doubt the Teacher Fucker girls will be given their own unique nipple-types for flavor like Kaneko and Uno Makoto did for the Seikon no Qwaser girls, or like Kaneko alone did for Valkyrie Drive’s chicks.


I think Teacher Fucker is going to share many similarities with Maken-Ki II (minus the bakunyuu titties). Not so much plot to speak of, a chaotic episode structure with no real direction, with the occasional great visual/scene mixed in with 10 minutes of lower quality doofier-looking stuff. There will be plenty of nudity and raunchy happenings throughout, but also plenty of moments that make you go, “Oooooh this is gre-” right before the scene ends and pisses you off…

Hope I’m wrong, but I’ll call it now to be safe.

just tired of being


If the Teacher Fucker manga is anything to go by, expect plenty of niche fetish pandering as well. For example, by chapter 3 we are getting into suppository insertion, later you even see pissing… yeah, so the ecchi is gonna be hit or miss at times for some people depending on what you like and/or can stomach.

Much like Kagaku na yatsura some of the base concepts being tackled by Teacher Fucker are actually raunchy enough for hentai, like fingering/cunnilingus etc., but what matters is what they adapt and how it looks. Visuals can make or break ecchi for me.

The other director alongside Kaneko for this anime seems to have a handful of ecchi comedies under his belt. If I had to guess, he was likely brought on for the play-by-play scenes, while Kaneko was brought on to be an “Oppai Helper” similar to his time on Kagaku, just with less control. I think Kaneko is gonna be there to school the animators about breast physics and the odd bit of perversion, showing off his brilliance in little glances throughout the show.

For those out there of the Bakunyuu persuasion, I think the only time we may get some of Kaneko’s true ludicrous ecchi action will be if Teacher Fucker has BD specials. Anything goes in that regard, he may put in some breast expansion for laughs, or maybe some lactation, who knows. In a perfect world, Kaneko should be Free to make certain changes to the script of Teacher Fucker to make it better, ala Seikon or Manyuu. For example, the entire Katja x Mafuyu scene from the end of Seikon isn’t in the manga at all…

…in fact, a lot of the nudity in the Seikon anime is new, including the varied nipples for each of the girls. I’d love for Teacher Fucker to do the same.

At the very least, I’m happy and excited to see my lord and savior return to ecchi after what? 3 or 4 years since Valkyrie Drive? Even more bitter sweet now considering Kaneko’s trifecta home of Hoods Entertainment seems to have gone to complete shit…

Here’s to hoping this show blows all of us away with its uncensored content (airing 4 days after the original broadcast I’m told).


Until next time.

                                                                                                             I’ll be watching reruns.