Nipples confirmed as Domestic Girlfriend releases steamy omitted scene

The most recent tankobon volume of Domestic Girlfriend just released, and with it the promised video extra containing scenes not suitable for television.

It contains one omitted scene, the sex scene between Rui and Natsuo which chronologically occurs very early in the story.  This media apparently also uncensors some bathing scenes in episode two.

Credit for everything goes to nylon66.


(nice nipples btw)


Additionally, here are some home video changes (technically this wasn’t a blu-ray but a ‘Play Pic’ media):


Hopefully, this is a case of nylon66 not being completely exhaustive and maybe leaving out a few nipple sightings.  Though that seems doubtful given how meticulous he is.

Here are some sexy extra drawings that came with the manga:



While obviously it’s great news that this series didn’t wimp out, overall I’d say the uncensored content is a bittersweet victory for ecchi fans.

On the one hand, the sex scene looks really intense and doesn’t hold back at all.  Sex scenes (especially with nipples shown) are rare in TV anime.  Even the Shinmai Maou no Testament anime scenes would dance all over third base but never round home, even though the source material (eventually) went all the way.  Thankfully there’s no wimping out here- Natsuo and Rui actually fuck, and fuck well.

On the other hand, it looks like the anime did damn near the minimum it could have done with Rui’s bath scene.  The manga had five nipple sightings in that scene, many of them close up and easy to see.  Here the same scene only gets two sightings, and both are barely even visible.  Hopefully this is a case of nylon66 leaving some stuff out but given his track record of excellence an oversight of this magnitude seems unlikely.

At any rate, this is all the more reason we should hope that the story concludes with a Natsuo x Hina sex scene ending.  Because at the very least, it looks like this anime can nail a sex scene, even if it whiffs on the casual nudity.