Pastel Memories Fanservice Review Episode 1 & 2

Speaking about Pastel Memories, will it be good enough to be in our memory?? XD

First and foremost, thanks to ScissorsMeTimbers for making all the image media for this fanservice review!!

The story of Pastel Memories is about staff members from the Rabbit Shed Shop café who posses powers to travel into worlds of anime, manga and also light novels in order to stop a mysterious virus that erases content of various fictional works and destroys them, along with anyone’s memories of them. Speaking about anime about cafe, it’s been a while since I’ve reviewed the anime Blend S. Will this anime be any better?? This anime really had a lot of potential in it!!

From what we can see,  it is worth noting that this show really have a lot of girls with awesome figure!! (^_^) It remains to be seen that how will the producers of this anime will make use of this advantage to provide more fanservice!! I really hoped that there would be more changing room scene or a more detailed mahou shojo transformation to showcase the awesome figure of the girls!!

Episode 2:

From what we’ve seen so far, this anime really showed us some gainaxing from the girls. However, we still hope that it could be further improved and would be even better if they were more consistent. (^^)/

On the second episode, the girls have transformed into their respective mahou shojo battle suit. It is worth noting that the “virus” that they were battling looks very sexy too. But will it be better if they were more voluptuous? I don’t know, but we already had a lot of voluptuous girls in this anime!!

In addition, I really loved the anime ending theme with all the girls there wearing swimsuits showing their beautiful bodies!! (^w^) <3 Even if you don’t like how their story is progressing, their ending theme is definitely worth watching!!

In overall, I really hoped that this anime can provide us great amount of fanservice consistently!! Aside from improving the quality of their gainaxing, I hoped that there would be a pool episode where we can see all of them wearing bikinis showing us their killer curves. The ending also had some nice booty service which makes it more enjoyable!! Speaking of booty service, it is quite scarce in anime nowadays. (T_T) Was it because oppai is more popular than ass? I don’t think so. But I do hope they really put work and love on the fanservice content of this anime. They did a good job on the ending them, but I still hope that they can carry on with the good work in the fanservice content!! Lastly, we hope you’re enjoying the reviews and thanks for reading everyone!! (^^)v