Ulysses – Jeanne d’Arc to Renkin no Kishi TV Fanservice Review Episode 7:

The story continues even though Jeanne was defeated….. XD

The story still continues even after Jeanne was defeated by the Lance of Longinus, where she was barely alive but in a comatose state. The army was in desperate need of reinforcement. However, not all hope is lost!! They need to find the mythical sword- Excalibur in order to heal her wounds and approach Montmorency’s grandfather to gather the required army. 

Hence, they move separately to find the sword and to get the required troops. Montmorency went to visit his grandfather’s place but they were not in good terms from the beginning. He’ll only allow his troops to go with him if Montmorency deecided to marry Catherine- his adopted sister.

There he recalled those days that they were still young together. XD (Why is this part not appearing in the 1st episode?!!) I don’t understand why this part is required and what significance of character development does this Catherine holds in this story…..

Meanwhile, RIchemont heard the news that Montmorency was in Britanny but she doesn’t have the courage to see him. On the other hand, Charlotte hired La Hire again to help out in the battle of Orleans.

At least, we still have a little fanservice from the Dark Ulysses. Just look at those mountains!! XD

After some negotiation with his grandfather, All he have to do is to spend a night with Catherine and impregnate her. Seem like someone is desperate to have a great grandson. XD But this Montmorency is such a lousy character!! Not only he lied to his grandfather, he even breaks Catherine’s heart too by refusing to sleep with her and mentioning his promise to Jeanne!!

Because Catherine loved him too much, she colluded with Montmorency’s lie and too his grandfather’s troops together with him while leaving!! How dare you do such a thing Montmorency!! Why is there such a character like you?!! The male mc from the anime School Days is still somehow better than you. At least he had the balls to go on with all the girls. XD

I would be keeping more of my opinions of this anime in the final episode of the review. That’s all for this episode of Jeanne d’Arc story. Hope you guys still enjoyed the fanservice of this anime. Till then, stay tuned for the very last episode of this anime and thanks for reading everyone!! (^^)v Merci and Au Revoir!!