Fapservice Patreon has been revamped

Patreon is fun now!


Previously, Fapservice Patreon was basically a glorified paypal account for the site, for those exceptionally kind hearted people who wanted to help keep the lights on around here.  It didn’t at all take advantage of what the platform was capable of.

The current version is set up to be more consequential and fun.  This is done through the use of goal tiers (meaning a goal for the amount of money fundraised per month).

The first and most basic goal tier will cover the hosting fees.  These aren’t the only costs the site incurs but they are the most crucial to find money for.  If this primary goal is met, I will produce a fanservice compilation by the end of the next month.


  • The primary May goal was met! Patrons will get access to the Yuragi-Sou no Yuuna-san BD compilation as soon as it is ready (no later than June 30th). It will be published on the main site at a later time.


Secondary and tertiary goals may also be set, not so much out of necessity but out of fun.  But before I get into that, I want to pull back the curtain a little bit so as to put these goals in context.

Typically how this site has operated is that it uses free stuff we can find on the internet and then compiling the sexy parts from them.  Almost all of my fanservice compilation videos were edited from materials I torrented or downloaded.  The majority of manga compilations I’ve done (or that were donated by contributers) were based off of free versions found on manga websites or direct download sites.  This method basically covers 99% of ecchi anime worth caring about, and covers maybe 60% of ecchi manga.

While this is very convenient and helps us churn out more stuff, it has a significant drawback- we are the mercy of what other people put out there on the internet.  For anime, this isn’t usually that big of a deal as long as you are patient.  But with manga it’s a different story.  Many top tier ecchi manga stop gettings rips or scanlations after a while.  And several more never get rips ever.  If you never actually buy any manga, you are missing out on almost half of the good stuff that’s out there.

There’s also the problem that you are relying on someone else’s technical skills.  They may not know how to properly scan manga, or bother encoding the images with even half decent quality.  There are unfortunately many shit-tier image quality jobs for top tier ecchi manga.  This is a problem that can also be solved by buying and encoding the images myself, especially if they are available on ebook (most are).  It’s something I’m already in the process of doing for certain volumes of Val Love and Parallel Paradise, to name a few.


  • The secondary goal for May was also met! The ‘missing’ volumes of Blade Play have been purchased and compiled with the final product available right now for Patrons by visiting the “posts” page on Patreon. It will be published for all on the site sometime this month.


So this gets me back to those secondary and tertiary goals.  If we don’t meet them, that’s fine.  But if we do meet them, it gives me a chance to work on some nudey manga that the internet has never seen before (at least not for free).  For May, the 2nd and 3rd goals were each for manga that were in effect behind paywalls.

One of them was Blade Play, which hadn’t received a free version in many years with half of the series never getting scanned or uploaded anywhere.  I had it listed as the $300 goal for May, which was met easily.  Just today I posted the updated compilation of Blade Play, including all the new volumes, on Patreon.  Anyone who is currently donating can access them right now.  For everyone else, it should appear on the site in the next week or so.

Another was the manga adaptation of Makikomarete Isekai Teni suru Yatsu wa, Taitei Cheat.  This is a very fun and very sexy manga that is censored in the magazine (see image below), but as of this posting had never received a proper uncensored tankobon scan.  Making things worse, it isn’t available online via ebook.  So if you want to see those precious nips, you gotta actually order the books and have them shipped from Japan (not cheap) and then painstaking take all the pages out of the books and scan them one by one.

Amazingly, this goal for May was also met!  I will post in the comments when this project is ready.


  • Raise your hands if you want to see this uncensored!


Going forward, each month’s primary goal will always be a video.  The secondary goal will always be an exclusive manga comp that has be bought and then processed to get the nudes, and the 3rd goal will either be another manga or a second video, though the second video I might not be able to guarantee that month.

Additionally, I’ll probably have some random videos that I wouldn’t post on the main site posted for Patrons only.  This might be like a random compilation of a series that is too serious or graphic for a wider audience (Mnemosyne, Berserk, etc), or maybe a hentai compilation, or my new favorite- CGI girl compilations.

As crazy as it sounds, I’ve never really thought of fapservice as being a porn site.  To me, it’s a hybrid between anime/manga and porn.  That’s why I chose the name I did, it’s a name which pays homage both to the long tradition of fanservice in anime and the resulting faps.

With that said, one of the more compelling suggestions I’ve heard over the years is a video section dedicated to fap-worthy short clips.  I think for the best experience you should just download my videos and play them on your own video player (MPC, VLC, etc).  But I get that there are a lot of people who live their lives on the go and wish there was a kind of pornhub type of interface here, rather than having to stream a 2 hour long video.

This kind of service would be another good perk to have for Patrons, though it might be a while before I figure out exactly how I’d implement it.


  • An example of a CGI girl in a Patreon exclusive video.


While many Patreon users set up multiple tiers for determining who gets to see the content, ultimately I decided that anyone who is helping fund the site at all, even if it is only $1, should get access to the content.  Please keep in mind though that the smaller the donation, the bigger the cut Patreon takes- they take something like 40 cents out of a one dollar pledge, but take way less relatively speaking out of a $5 pledge.  But all the same, if things are really tight for you money wise and you just want the perks, that $1 option is there for you.

And of course, for those many that aren’t donating and never will, keep in mind that anything that was going to the main website is still going there at basically the same time it was going to be there in the first place.  You guys aren’t losing a thing, and in fact, you are benefiting from the generosity of those that do donate because this will speed up content creation.

As an aside, it looks like any potential advertising on the site might still be a ways off.  The site is currently in a very poor state for phone usage and advert compatability.  Fixing that will take some time.  So you can keep adblocking the shit out of this place for now.  I’ll let you know if that changes.

Until then, the generosity of our Patrons is more important than ever.  Thanks again to all of you.