Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma fanservice review episode 9


Shy girls are the lewdest.


Compared to last week this episode is tamer with only a small amount of service in it. Also annoyingly the imagination sex scene from this chapter was changed to something else as well. This episode does finish up volume 2 though so after this we will be reaching the better parts of the manga.

Continuing right from the end of the previous episode Yuri has now returned to acting normal and realized what just happened. After she complains that she will never be able to get married after what he did to her he tells her she can marry him instead as she shoots him down and refuses.

She should be demanding more naked time for herself.

At school Nobunaga is depressed after what has been happening due to his powers and tells everyone that he is going to quit being a teacher since after what happened to Mayu previously and now Yuri he doesn’t want to put anyone else through that again.

This scene was changed from the manga. In the manga version this was an imagination sex scene but here they just changed it to running around naked. Here is the page for comparison.

Since we know the BD contains two versions of the episodes an all ages and r15 one we can hope that maybe this will be different in BD. It’s strange that they would do this change in the first place seeing as how in a previous episode they added an imagination sex scene with Kitsuno not present in the manga. Hopefully it just means they made this so lewd they couldn’t show it even censored. So guess we have to wait for July to see if there are any changes.


Also version with only the stripping part below.

He should rip his own arm off so we can see her naked as it would be worth it.

Mayu realizing that he is serious about quiting uses that tmoment to confess to him that she loves him in hopes of changing his mind and then strips her clothes off telling him she doesn’t care about what happened before so he doesn’t need to quit. He is happy but points out that Yuri is still mad at him as she forgives him as well on the condition he never touches her again and because she doesn’t want Mayu to be sad at losing him.

The face of realizing you have not shown yourself uncensored naked yet. The only response needed when asked about a glasses girl getting naked.

Ask her to draw herself naked.

Yuri askes Mayu why she loves Nobunaga and what she sees in him. She begins to panic and says she can’t say otherwise Anna might hate her. Nobunaga convinces her to tell them after he confirms with Anna that she won’t hate Mayu after finding out what the reason she likes Nobunaga is regardles of what that reason is. Mayu tells them that she likes to draw boy love stuff and one day Nobunaga accidentally found the manga she had been working on. Rather than yell at her or be disgusted he instead told her what a good artist she was and made a joke about what she drew and told her that he likes dickgirls and Mayu was happy since that meant he not only accepted her despite her hobby but even told her something secret about himself so they had that to share. She tells them she has been in love with him ever since that.

After learning about this the others ask to see her drawings and Nobunaga asks her to draw something to show the others as an example of what she draws. After she draws and shows them, everyone is impressed with it and asks to see the other stuff she has drawn as well. Kichou thinks about how just like with her when Nobunaga cheered her up when she realized she was alone in this time period he has now did the same for Mayu as well as she starts to think how he is someone that shows signs of being a leader and she can respect.

Meanwhile someone else has now entered the school and heads towards the classroom they are in as the episode ends.



WebM Album.



Now that volume 2 has completed we now are going to reach the volumes that really began to increase the service. In the manga nudity didn’t start appearing until volume 3 as well but fortunately we got that earlier in the show adaption. As for this episode seeing the imagination scene changed is disappointing but it is possible this could be one of the changes for the BD justifying two versions being on the disc. As I said before the BD lists itself as containing an all ages and r15 version of the episodes. The decision to include the censored version is odd and the only reason I can think of for doing that is the possibility of some significant redraws. So hopefully that is the case here and the scene is different in the BD version.

Next week will obviously be the chapter in which the new character that shows up at the end of this episode is introduced. In the next chapter we do get nudity of the new character and if this follows the same logic as the nudity for Yuri does in which nudity of characters that appear nude in the actual manga is uncensored with only nudity of characters that weren’t nude in the mange being censored then we should have plenty of it next episode. One problem with this though. I’m pretty sure the new character is a trap. The new character in question is completely flat yet we get nudity of them while the other flat characters we don’t. Age couldn’t be a factor in that either as even the 29 year old loli was kept non nude as well so why was this character an exception.

Only explanation I can think of is that it is really a guy and considering Mayu actually has a fantasy of this new character fucking Nobunaga in the ass later on I have no idea if that was her pretending they were a male or if they really are. Since the manga has no translations can’t tell what any of the stuff involving this character and another one is about either whom I assume is the guy in non crossdressing form. Fucking japan and it’s androgynous character designs. Can’t rely on the nudity either since the crotch could be a trick and doesn’t mean much when it comes to gender in anime. Plus the line about dick girls this episode was obviously foreshadowing as he really said otokonoko if you listen closely and even checking the scene in the manga of this part you can see 男の娘 in his text bubble but subs seems to have messed it up. In case you don’t know that means male daughter or crossdressing males whichever you want to call it so Nobunaga admits to being into that. So next week is going to be trap week probably.

The only dicks girls I’m fine with are the ones that have a vagina and no balls. That way it is still a woman but with a magic dick on them. The ones in Futabu for example are the ones I am fine with. Except for that scene in which the glasses girl takes her glasses off before getting fucked. Why must you make me rage? Especially since that was the only scene in which she was getting the dick instead of giving it. Speaking of which anime that features all girls should be required to have at least one of the girls be a futa and uses that dick on the other girls.

Glasses girl needs to get naked counter: 30