Strike the Blood III Volume 3 Doubles Down on Underwear

When you double down sometimes you can win big but often times you just keep on losing…

Credit to nylon66 for the original images.


Strike the Blood III BD Volume 3 released very recently and nylon66 has early images.

Unfortunately, it’s a 10-episode OVA instead of a TV series.  And there will be months between volumes (like with StB II) and the final volume won’t be out until Fall 2019.  Fortunately, StB III has more fanservice scenes than the TV series.  Thus continuing a trend that started with Strike the Blood OVA and Strike the Blood II.

Once again, the surprise is the lack of nipples.  StB has been pretty good about having some nipples even if just a few every couple of episodes ever since it shifted from a TV series to OVA series.  Not with this BD volume unfortunately.  Just like the last BD volume.  Hopefully they will make up for it in future volumes.  But they are running out of time since there are only two volumes (four episodes) left.  In the meantime, the they seem to have doubled down (maybe more) on underwear fanservice.





Welp that was a bit disappointing.  Even if a very early impression.   Once again, I was surprised by the lack of nipples for now five episodes and counting.  Even if the additional underwear shots, vampire sucking and blushing faces are sensual.

Is it just me or do the faces of the main girls seem to be more derpy than they used to be?  More like CG and less like 2D?  Especially in episode 02.  Why?  Why mess with a good thing???  It seems to have improved somewhat but still looks different from StB I & II and the OVA.

Strike the Blood staff seems to have a good handle on what works for them.  Plot that doesn’t forget the PLOT.  But plot and characters first and foremost.  With PLOT in measured doses.  Which works as long as they continue to deliver quality over quantity.

Problem is that they are running out of time.  When StB switched from TV series format to OVA format, there have been nipples roughly every other episode.  Or roughly 50% of the episodes.  Until StB III that is.  Currently, StB III is 1 for 6 or roughly 17%.  They would have to have nudity in each of the remaining four episodes to get back to 50%.  Which doesn’t seem likely to happen.  Such a shame.  And not what ecchi fans were expecting from StB.

I’m still a fan.  And I still find StB entertaining to watch again and make media from.  But they can and have done better…


This is just an early look at StB III Volume 3 done for news purposes.