Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? “Very Cut” Episode 8 Fanservice Review

Episode 8, they leave as soon as they arrive… but the shota becomes a man.

Swimsuit tan Sensei and her shota are gone next week, enjoy the pairing while you can.

We are nearing the end, but first lets get another shot of those hips.

there we go


moving on.

Everyone is on a school camping trip I guess.

aaaaaand out pop the censors.


Fuck, if this were uncensored I’d be making a comment like, “Damn, now this is the Kaneko body I’ve been waiting for!”

but as it stands, we’re gonna have to wait like 6 months just to see those fucking pasties come off, and by that time I simply wont give a shit about base shot nipples.

Once again though, The          H  I  P  S


Something tells me Kaneko was looking forward to working on this couple’s content more than the other 3…

M A S S I V E  Angle, the censorship has never been as painful as right here.





This episode is probably going to be the most lewd so far, thankfully.


for those actually watching the episodes, find this scene. Perfect example of the budget going batshit bonkers in an endless flow in this series. The walking animation is so broken it’s hilarious.

god damn it swimsuit tan sensei don’t leave the two of them alone, stay with us insteeeeaaaad!


This ain’t too bad though.

and with that the episode is over…



Until next time.

I’ll be searching for more Manyuu fanart.