Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! fanservice compilation

Though Bow Ditama has done some hentai work, and made a name for himself with Mahoromatic, he is currently most famous for his non-nude erotic works such as Kiss X Sis.  The Juuden-chan manga was basically nipple free as well, but when Studio Hibari got the green light to add nipples in their anime adaptation, they sure as hell didn’t waste the opportunity.

Remarkably, Studio Hibari had never animated nipples before this series, and they’ve never done it again since.


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Series Information


Production Company:  Studio Hibari

Vintage:  Summer 2009


Nipple sightings from other Studio Hibari produced anime:




Other notable / recently relevant mainstream anime from Studio Hibari:


Training with Hinako, Sleeping with Hinako, Bathtime with Hinako & Hiyoko,  Duel Masters, Major



Notable Seiyuu


Kaori Fukuhara as Plug Cryostat


Kaori Fukuhara is also known for her roles as:


Ayahi Takagaki as Arrester Blanket


Ayahi Takagaki is also known for her roles as:


Ayako Kawasumi as Reika Galvani


Ayako Kawasumi is also known for her roles as:


Ai Shimizu as Kuran Shunt


Ai Shimizu is also known for her roles as:


Also featuring


Aya Hirano as Rona Elmo


Thoughts on the anime


Studio Hibari is a fairly small time anime company best known for a few non-otaku anime successes such as Major and the card game anime Duel Masters.  Among ecchi fans, they are most famous for their adaptation of the brilliantly original Training with Hinako series, the concept of which was ripped off by ecchi series like Queen’s Blade and Maken-Ki! in their BD specials.

Another thing about Studio Hibari: they are allergic to animating nipples.  Both before Juuden-chan and since, nipples had not been a part of Studio Hibari’s Modus Operandi.  During the brief and somewhat painful non-nude craze of the mid-2000s, when pretty much every ecchi series had blank boobs, Studio Hibari was one of the worst offenders, with several such offerings, most notably Sumomomo Momomo and the aforementioned Hinako.

To give you an example of how stingy Studio Hibari is, they animated the OVA to conclude the Lime-Iro Senkitan anime, yet filled it with tease and blank boobs despite the fact that the rest of the anime preceding that OVA had been loaded with nipple sightings.

Even though Juuden-chan was an adaptation of a manga by Mahoromatic / Kiss x Sis artist Bow Ditama, there was good reason to think it would keep things non-nude given the track record of the company, and the fact that his biggest manga effort, Kiss x Sis, is non-nude as well.  So when we were treated to a nipple bonanza in the anime and arguably some of the best fanservice specials of all time, I have to say that came as a bit of a shock: it was one of the more pleasant surprises for fanservice that I’ve yet encountered.

The story itself is more than a little strange, but then again the word “ecchi” itself basically implies weirdness, so in that sense this anime plays to form.  I watched this anime for the nudity, but I did find the characters likable and more than a few jokes made me chuckle.

Sadly, this show didn’t appear to sell very well and has quickly become a forgotten series.  Despite having fantastic fanservice, this series still hasn’t received a BD rip 1080p or even a 720p torrent four years later.  What a crying shame that is.


Thoughts on the fanservice video


A while back, I think it was the FREEZING fanservice compilation, I decided to sort videos by nude and non-nude from here on out.  Doing so has two benefits.

The first is that the final video is far more fapable since the nude sections are strung together.

The second is that I no longer have to be too choosy about which non-nude clips make the final cut.  In the past when videos were not sorted, having too much non-nude stuff made the nude fanservice feel like “islands” of gratification in an ocean of tease, and ultimately the point of these videos is to make skipping around for “the good parts” a thing of the past.  That “island effect” was a bit of a problem sometimes for series that were heavy on nude-nude fanservice.

I bring this up because Juuden-chan presented a unique challenge.  The characters in this show wear work uniforms with see-through tops (so awesome), giving a near-constant glimpse of their nipples, albeit just barely in most cases.  Usually the nipple sightings are so slight that they could pass the censor test on Japanese TV, while at other times the nipples can be clearly seen as if merely holding a plastic bag in front of them.

This meant that sorting by nude and non-nude was really tricky, and as a result a big chunk of the non-nude section technically has nipples in it.  If they showed nipples that I thought would escape censorship on a censored broadcast, I put them in the non-nude section.  So if you are watching the non-nude section and wondering at any moment what you are supposed to be looking at, you are probably watching one of those clips with borderline nipple sightings through their work suits.

The fanservice specials were mind blowing as is yet are vastly improved in my version as all the lulls inbetween the nude shots have been removed.  I’ve said for a while that Kanokon had the best fanservice specials of all time, but the more I think about it, the more I’m starting to think Juuden-chan’s might be even better.  Sure, the art wasn’t quite as good and Kanokon definitely took things farther, but I don’t think I’ve seen fanservice specials anywhere else that were as much pure fun as Juuden-chan’s were.

Unfortunately, there is no BD version of this anime available via download, and the Japanese DVD for this show extracts off of DVD at a measly 408 pixel height (720×408).  I upscaled it slightly to 848×480 since I was working with a second source that was upscaled to 848×480 to begin with, but in terms of source quality, this is the lowest resolution of any project I’ve yet done.  A travesty.

If anyone out there has some money and knows how to rip a quality 1080p off the blu-ray and torrent it, that would be amazing.  Though it would be a ton of work to redo this video for 1080p, it would be well worth it given how awesome the fanservice is.


Favorite Character


Hard to not choose Plug since she looks like she’s straight out of Kiss x Sis, and both Reika and Kuran combine for an amazing pair of pairs.  But for me, it’s gotta be Arrester.  Average girl looks with a believable real girl personality- giving off the aura of attainability- all while having easily the best T n’ A in the show.