Frame Arms Girl TV Special Edition Fanservice Review Episode 11

Virtual girls need to take baths too…

Special edition fanservice review.  Read all about it…


Plot synopsis from AniDB:

* Based on Kotobukiya‘s Frame Arms Girl model kit line.


Gennai Ao mistakenly opens a package that wasn’t meant for her, and, to her surprise, she sees a small robot named Gourai, a Frame Arms Girl who has an evolving personality. Confused as to how this little robot made it into her life, she finds out that she is the first person to activate her. She realizes taking care of Gourai is harder than she thought, especially when competitive fights are involved!

Tags from AniDB and MAL:

action, android, ecchi, mecha, new, science fiction, slice-of-life


Episode 11

It’s a special edition fanservice review of one episode.  It’s probably best to let the images and video clips speak for themselves without going into a lot of depth for an anime that may not be reviewed again.

What ecchi fans need to know is that most of the fanservice of the anime is from little dolls.  Some highlights are included here.  What makes episode 11 different is that the dolls take on human form thanks to VR (Virtual Reality) for a trip to an onsen.  Which steps up the level and quantity of fanservice from all the other episodes.


Have to go with HQ stitches and posters for the omake.

I took a stab at this stitch which is from episode 11 but it would have been really time consuming due to having to work around lots of graphics.  It might be down-scaled from the original 720p video but not too much so.  Whomever did this stitch originally did an excellent job.


Who would expect an anime about little dolls to be as ecchi as it turned out to be?  A pleasant surprise from last season.

Unfortunately, fanservice from little dolls might be amusing but won’t do a lot for most ecchi fans.  That’s why episode 11 was a special treat.  Really nice touch having the dolls go to an onsen in human form even if VR.

I originally started making media for Frame Arm Girls after noticing that most of the stitches out there did not seem to be properly made so I started making them myself.  Eventually I wound up with enough media for a special edition fanservice review.

I wound up with less webms than I expected.  Unfortunately, a lot of the onsen scenes are pans over static images so only a stitch was needed to cover those scenes.

WebM Album