Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita fanservice review episode 3


Dressing rooms are filled with lewd.


This episode like the previous two has a minute more in the r18 version. So I think it is safe to say that after three straight episodes this will probably be the same for every episode.


Shizuka is sitting at school thinking about what happened yesterday in the bathroom with Ryou and how she needs to tell him to leave her alone.

Best husbando but obviously won’t win.

Sousuke sees her and asks if something is wrong since she has seemed strange ever since she left with Ryou whom everyone else thinks is a woman. Not wanting to tell the truth Shizuka just tells him they got into a argument over something.

Shizuka gets a phone call from Ryou who has her number because she gave it to him the night she was drunk. He tells her he wants to say sorry to her in person for what happened before and to come to his place to talk. Since she wants to tell him to leave her alone too she decides to go there to meet him.

Shizuka enters his place since he had the door unlocked only to enter right as he is coming out of the shower and gets to see what he really looks like when he isn’t dressing like a girl. In case you want stitches of the two scenes of him you can get them by clicking here for the first and here for the second. I didn’t include them directly in this post itself in case some people didn’t want some manservice in their face but still made stitches of them for those that do.

While she is waiting for him to get ready she starts thinking about Ryou and remembers all the stuff they have done so far and tries to stop thinking about it since she still can’t view him as a man but once she starts remembering everything while remembering he is a man she starts to panic because of her shyness around men.

Ryou takes her to the store to buy her some new clothes as a way of saying he is sorry. Shizuka tells him he doesn’t need to but he wants to since he doesn’t want them to be on bad terms with her hating him.

Shizuka thinks about how she still doesn’t know why he crossdresses like a woman yet. Eventually he finds some clothes for her and takes her to the dressing room so she can try them on.

It is around this point in which the episode ends in the standard version but in the R18 version the episode continues on.

Ryou uses the opportunity of them in the dressing room together to do some stuff to her.

And the episode suddenly ends at this part which I assume is where it will pick up next week. Also for the first time we also get an ED for the show since the previous episodes just played the credits over a scene.

The song kind of cuts off too which I guess makes sense since the ED is only around 10 seconds long.


Webm album.


There may not have been any nudity this week but it did progress into some oral so the show is slowly moving into more territory till sex finally happens. Still no explanation on why Ryou dresses like a girl but since this episode brought it up that means it will probably be explained at some point. Also since the extra content provided by the r18 version has been consistent with it’s length I guess that means we can expect at least a minute of r18 content each week. That makes sense since unlike Souryo in which there were alternate scenes for different versions Skirt doesn’t do that so it needs the extra time for the service. Plus since the episodes themselves are longer than Souryo’s were we might overall get more service in this show in total depending on how much time is spent on story.


When you are in a dressing room you are naked in the same exact space that hundreds before you were naked in before as well. That is like taking part in an indirect orgy.