Freezing BD Fanservice Review Episode 08

Pandora Queen Contest is here!

Episode 08

Hiragi explains that the Pandora Queen is a beauty contest in which every Pandora can participate, last year winner was Elizabeth.

Creo,Attia and Arnett are having some fun in the pool with Elizabeth.

Ingrid is there too, nice to see all the 3rd year Pandoras with their swimsuits.

Elizabeth and her great habit of being naked.

She tells them to leave Satella alone since it is not time for internal fights.

Attia still wants to take revenge on Satellizer and thinks on doing it but not precisely fighting.

Pandora Queen contest is about to start, Miyabi gets ready.

Satella is choosing her dress too.

Not bad Kazuya, one step more to stop being beta.

Attia appears and interrupts them.

Great camera angle, great butt too.

Those thighs *.*

Attia challenges Satella to enter the Pandora Queen contest and see who ends in a higher position.

Satella accepts the challenge without thinking, nice boob bounce in the process.

Pandora Queen contest starts!

First Pandora to appear is Ganessa, interesting outfit she chose, she looks great.

What an amazing view of Ganessa’s boobs!

Miyabi’s turn now, she looks hot.

Satella is too shy to go out there.

Rana’s dress lefts nothing to the imagination.

Such a fine ass.

That cameltoe.

Attia’s turn, nice loli butt.

Rana tries to cheer up Satella, it is gonna be her turn next.

Rana looks so happy and cute.

That dress really suits Satellizer.

At the end she went out there, although she didn’t do that much she looked cute.

Last girl to appear is the last year winner, too bad Creo,Arnett and Ingrid didn’t participate.

Top five is gonna be revealed, Miyabi is number 5!

Miyabi gets disqualified for buying votes and Ganessa takes her place.

Rana is number 4, she celebrates it showing her ass to us.

Third place goes to Attia!

Last year winner gets the second place this time, who will be the winner?

Satellizer won to everyone’s surprise, including herself

Attia still have a plan.

Random girls put the Pandora Queen dress on Satella although it was all Attia’s doing.

Dress starts to fade out! Attia’s plan to leave Satella ashamed.

Kazuya does something good for one time and rescues Satella.



Mostly a fanservice episode, although not that much nudity on it,  it was nice to see some of the side characters like Ganessa or Miyabi get some love again but having Creo, Arnett and Ingrid not participate in the contest was a bad idea.


First season of Freezing did a great job adapting the manga and even adding more fan service to the anime. Plot isn’t something great but nothing awful either and the great amount of PLOT makes it worth it. It has a good amount of girls variety, although some of them like Ganessa are left aside as the series progresses.


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