Made in Abyss Review Episodes 5&6

Time for some action!

Major developments are finally happening! The previous 2 episodes were a bit on the slower end but, these next two made up for them. Episode 5 introduces our first deadly encounter within the abyss. However, Reg, won’t let some birds be taking his loli. Riko, is safe for now… On wards to episode 6 we’re introduced to a major character. Ozen, the immovable lord, the series first living white whistle takes center stage. This episode was mainly her introduction, next week you’ll be seeing some action between Ozen and Reg. Anyhow, more excitement to come and enjoy as always!


Episode 5:

Well, I did say we would get this is some form. Riko, truly has some magical hair.

Intimate moment between our duo.

I honestly feel like they gave her more hair.


Episode 6:

They gave Ozen a thigh gap, hehe

The shower scene shown in today’s episode wasn’t drawn out in the manga. The manga only had her getting out the shower. So, for once we’re given a bit of extra service.







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Overall, I’m pretty impressed they did Ozen well so far. The true test for sure is next week. Should be some nice WebMs for the next post if all goes well. Look forward to more updates from the abyss.