Freezing BD Fanservice Review Episode 12

The end is here, will humanity be saved?

Episode 12

Chiffon and Ticy appear to stop the sneaky nova.

Meanwhile Satellizer and Rana are having a bad time with Cassie.

Best Girl Ganessa saves Satella from an attack.

Poor Ganessa 😭

Satellizer gets mad because of what happened to Ganessa and enters a Nova form too.

Cassie returns to her normal self after Satella remove the stigma on her chest.

Chiffon also finished with Cassie’s sensei, although the Nova has still an ace in the sleeve.

The big Nova appeared out of nowhere!

And it casts a freezing field that immobilizes all the Pandoras.

However, all the 3rd years enter Pandora Mode.

Stella’s mind is being controlled by a Nova now, we get this nude scene of her, barbie crotch included.

Satellizer meets Kazuya’s sister Kazuha and somehow manages to be back to her normal self.

The Nova is defeated with a combination attack of all the Pandoras.

Cute Satella blushing, nice boobs too.

I am glad to see Ganessa is not dead.

Satellizer and her indecision with the dresses lol.

Seeing Satella on her underwear Rana doesn’t want to be left behind.

And with another fight for Kazuya the season ends.

Last end card of the season features Chiffon.


Going with some cards as the omake this time.


Season finale was a bit different compared to the manga but it still manages to end well and have a good amount of fanservice even in plot focused episodes. I will review the specials next so stay tuned for more Freezing.


First season of Freezing did a great job adapting the manga and even adding more fan service to the anime. Plot isn’t something great but nothing awful either and the great amount of PLOT makes it worth it. It has a good amount of girls variety, although some of them like Ganessa are left aside as the series progresses.


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