Mobage Cards Intro+ Some Artwork

Boobies, Asses, Web Games and extra artwork of your favorite characters…Need I say more?

So I’ve been debating for months, quite literally how to show you all a vast collection of mobage cards of the ecchi genre and after really meditating for a while I have decided for put up a couple of series with their respective cards and then proceed put the link at the end of the article guiding you to my collection site on which you’re all free and welcomed to download the cards of characters you’re more or less fond off.

Given how much I like certain characters, I’ll be using them as examples for you to get an idea of what is mobage or rather what are the goods you obtain at these games where artwork of your favorite character is certainly waiting for you to take it on the form of mobage cards.

For those curious, this is the definition of mobage:
mobage is the short form of “mobile game” as pronounced in Japanese. モバイルゲーム is pronounced moh-bah-i-ru geeh-mu (the geh is elongated in the full version). Abbreviating is very common in Japanese and hence “mobage” was born.”

While it is true that mobage are indeed mobile games, such games usually are played on the phone browser rather than an application. this means that a great deal of such games can not be accessed through a desktop browser and having your phone on desktop mode will leave you out. this of course means that for a rule to exist there must be an exception and games that require applications do in fact exist however the other difference ends up being availability for the west.

The browser version of these games in my experience are available to westerners which you’re require to be registered on DeNa which you’re able to avoid by login in automatically with your Google Account, Something I do very often and now you’re probably wondered “Yeah, we get it but what is this DeNa nonsense? or where are these games? or how do I make an account?”

1. DeNa is a server of sorts which handles log in info and game data for japanese mobile games.

2. The games are here in a mix of Application and Web Browser. I do recommend for you to have auto-translate on when doing this things since unless you are fluent in Japanese, you will be doing guessing most of the time.

3. When choosing a game you’re prompted to make an account which you can avoid by just choosing Google as a viable option of log in.

On these games, usually you obtain prizes like collectible cards that only exist on data form ex: JPG or sometimes PNG which are different picture formats.

For me in this instance these are my best girls:
(I’m a bit sour Nonaka Yuki doesn’t have any yet)

Highschool DxD – Xenovia

(Momo Master Race)
To Love Ru: Idol Revolution – Momo Belia Deviluke

Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls – Yagyu Gisen

Date A Live – Kurosaki Kurumi

Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle – Yoruka Kirihime

Strike the Blood – Kirisaka Sayaka

Freezing – Cassie Lockheart

There are hundreds of games to which you can obtain cards from, However there are a few ways how to obtain them. one of such ways is to seriously dedicate time to such games and play their story. the second way is for you to have basic programing knowledge so that you can create a script onto which you can automatically download cards without having to spend time on the game, I mean most of us only care for the prizes and have no patience for the games which are mostly reading and doing stuff, kind of like a Visual Novel online but shorter.

I can do what I can with some series and get their cards, I used to know someone who did in fact have a script onto which he downloaded cards for now he is unavailable indefinitely for the moment and there is no sure way to accelerate a comeback or otherwise.

This means that unless one of you readers possess the means to obtain these treasures, we are stuck with very few series to look at, Until then Culture will be somewhat beyond reach.

PS: I’m thinking whether to set a weekday for mobage cards and post some here for those who won’t, can’t or don’t feel like visiting my site here below. Also, If you’re interested on full artwork of DxD mobage cards of any heroine then I know a site that through Patreon he can recreate most if not all of what’s missing on the DxD cards on Twitter his handle is (@MGRenders) and this is his site.

Here is the link for my site for some of the cards I have available: